Village of Farmingdale, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1975 Code have been included in the 2011 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1975 Code
Location in 2011 Code
Chapter 1, General Provisions
Article I, Adoption of Code
NLP; see Ch. 1, Art. I
Chapter 3, Boards and Commissions
Article I, Alternate Members
Ch. 106, Art. I
Article II, Training
Ch. 106, Art. II
Chapter 3A, Electric Supply
Ch. 199, Art. I
Chapter 4, Ethics, Code of
Ch. 28
Chapter 5, Fire Commissioners, Board of
Ch. 39
Chapter 7, Fire Prevention Bureau
Ch. 44
Chapter 12, Local Law Hearings
Chapter 12A, Natural Gas Supply
Ch. 199, Art. II
Chapter 13, Newsletter, Publication of
Ch. 121
Chapter 14, Personnel Policies
§§ 14-1 through 14-10
Ch. 135
§ 14-11, Retirement Incentive Program laws
§ 14-12, Residency
Ch. 157, Art. I
Chapter 14A, Defense and Indemnification of Employees
Ch. 22
Chapter 15, Records, Public Access to
Ch. 431
Chapter 16, Salaries
Ch. 164, Art. I
Chapter 19, Traffic Violation Bureau
Ch. 15
Chapter 20, Village Code, Enforcement of
Ch. 7
Chapter 23, Advertisements and Handbills
Ch. 341, Art. I
Chapter 25, Amusement Places
Chapter 26, Animals
Article I, Livestock
Ch. 224, Art. I
Article II, Horses and Other Domestic Animals
Ch. 224, Art. II
Article III, Stables and Slaughtering
Ch. 224, Art. III
Chapter 29, Auctions
Chapter 31, Building Code Administration
Article I, General Provisions
NLP; see Ch. 259, Art. II
Article II, Classifications; Restrictions; Limitations
Article IIA, Electrical Installations
Ch. 271
Article IIB, Supervision of Construction
Ch. 259, Art. I
Article III, Awnings
Ch. 230
Article IV, Unsafe Buildings and Structures; Violations
Ch. 243
Article V, Effective Date
REP; preempted by Ch. 1, Art. I
Chapter 32, Building Construction Code
REP; preempted by statute and UCC
Chapter 34, Building Numbering
Ch. 238
Chapter 35, Control and Regulation of Secondhand Dealers
Ch. 448
Chapter 37, Dances and Dance Halls
Chapter 39, Dogs
Ch. 224, Art. IV
Chapter 41, Environmental Quality Review
REP; see now Ch. 276
Chapter 42, Exhibitions and Shows
Article I, Certain Motion Picture Shows and Performances
Ch. 282, Art. I
Article II, Certain Shows, Exhibitions and Rides
Ch. 282, Art. II
Chapter 44, Fees
Chapter 47, Firearms, Fireworks and Explosives
Chapter 48, Fire Prevention
Article I, Open Burning
Ch. 250
Article II, Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
Ch. 213, Art. I
Chapter 51, Games of Chance
Ch. 307
Chapter 52, Garbage and Wastes
Ch. 469, Art. I
Chapter 54, Housing Standards
Chapter 55, Illegal Occupancies
Ch. 437, Art. I
Chapter 57, Landscaping and Spraying
Ch. 333, Art. I
Chapter 59, Littering
Article I, Litter from Vehicles
NLP; see Ch. 341, Art. II
Article II, Littering from Public Places
NLP; see Ch. 341, Art. II
Chapter 61, Lot Maintenance
Article I, Brush, Grass, Weeds and Rubbish
Article II, Fences and Plantings on Corner Lots
Ch. 564
Article III, Nuisances
Ch. 419, Art. I
Article IV, Dirt, Sand, Gravel Rock or Fill Accumulations
Ch. 419, Art. II
Chapter 64, Motor Vehicle Dealers, Secondhand
Chapter 66, Noise Generation
Article I, Prohibited Noises
Ch. 375, Art. II
Article II, Stationary Engines, Motors and Devices
Ch. 375, Art. I
Chapter 67, Parks
Article I, Park Use Regulations
Ch. 388, Art. I
Article II, Reservation of Parkland and Parkland Fees
Ch. 264, Art. I
Chapter 68, Peace and Good Order
Article I, Trespassing
Ch. 532
Article II, Certain Weapons and Objects
Ch. 396, Art. I
Article III, Malicious Mischief
Ch. 396, Art. II
Article IV, Protection of Public Property
Ch. 396, Art. III
Article V, Disorderly Conduct
Ch. 396, Art. IV
Article VI, Obscene Materials
Ch. 396, Art. V
Article VII, Public Intoxication
Ch. 396, Art. VI
Article VIII, Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Public; Open Containers; Discarding Material
Ch. 218
Chapter 70, Peddling and Soliciting
Ch. 402
Chapter 72, Plumbing Standards
REP; preempted by statute and UCC
Chapter 73, Property Maintenance
Ch. 419, Art. III
Chapter 74, Public Assembly and Parades
Ch. 423
Chapter 79, Sewerage System
Chapter 80, Sewers
Ch. 454, Art. I
Chapter 81, Sidewalks, Construction and Maintenance of
Ch. 485, Art. I
Chapter 83, Signs
Ch. 462, Art. I
Chapter 86, Street and Public Place Openings
Ch. 485, Art. II
Chapter 88, Street and Sidewalks Obstructions
Article I, Displays of Merchandise on Streets
Ch. 485, Art. III
Article II, Street Occupancies
Ch. 485, Art. IV
Article III, Driveways and Walks
Ch. 485, Art. V
Article IV, Obstructing Gutters
Ch. 485, Art. VI
Article V, Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks
Ch. 485, Art. VII
Article VI, Encroachments
Ch. 485, Art. VIII
Article VII, Utility Poles and Wires
Ch. 411
Article VIII, Street Stands
Ch. 485, Art. IX
Chapter 90, Assessments (Homestead Option)
Ch. 497, Art. VII
Chapter 91, Sunday Activities
Ch. 491
Chapter 91A, Tax Exemption for Businesses
Ch. 497, Art. III
Chapter 92, Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens
Ch. 497, Art. II
Chapter 92A, Tax Exemptions for Veterans
Ch. 497, Art. IV
Chapter 92B, Tax Exemption for Members of Volunteer Fire Department
Ch. 497, Art. VI
Chapter 93, Tax on Income of Utilities
Ch. 497, Art. I
Chapter 94, Tax Lien Sales
Ch. 497, Art. V
Chapter 95, Towing
Ch. 516
Chapter 96, Trees and Plantings
Ch. 525
Chapter 98, Vehicle and Traffic
Ch. 98
Chapter 100, Vehicles for Hire
Ch. 503
Chapter 102, Water Supply
Ch. 577, Art. I
Chapter 103, Water Supply Pollution
Article I, Sources of Pollution Near Water Supplies
Ch. 577, Art. II
Article II, Control of Backflow and Cross-Connections
Ch. 577, Art. III
Chapter 105, Zoning
Ch. 600