Allegany County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 4-15-1992 by Bill No. 4-92; effective 7-1-1992 (Ch. 73, Art. VIII, of the 1984 Code)]
[Amended 3-3-1993 by Bill No. 2-93, effective 7-1-1993]
For the purpose of this article, the subdivision of Corriganville in Allegany County, as hereinafter described, constitutes a special taxing area or district and shall be deemed and taken to comprise those certain parcels of land as follows: Beginning at a point standing on the bridge of the CSX Railroad where it crosses Jennings Run; then with said railroad in a northwesterly direction, approximately 400 feet to a culvert crossing said railroad; then leaving said railroad and following an unnamed tributary of Wills Creek upstream approximately 1,000 feet in a westerly direction and crossing Maryland Route 35 to the Potomac Edison Powerline; then following said power line in a southwesterly direction approximately 150 feet to the Potomac Edison Substation, having Maryland Coordinates of N683,950, E296,380; then south 83 degrees 43 minutes west 5573.5 feet to a point standing 500 feet northeasterly of Maryland Route 36; then crossing Route 36 in a southwesterly direction approximately 2,300 feet to a point at the top of the ridge (elevation 1,250 feet) where the Allegany Central Railroad Brush Tunnel crosses under said ridge; then in an easterly direction with said railroad approximately 2.8 miles to a point at the north end of the Homewood Addition Subdivision; then in a southeasterly direction with the Northern Subdivision Boundary of Homewood Addition and its extension approximately 1,200 feet across Maryland Route 36 to the CSX Railroad; then with said railroad in a northerly direction approximately 3,200 feet to the place of beginning.
Tax levy; collection. The Board of County Commissioners of Allegany County is authorized, empowered and directed to levy and cause to be collected from the property owners at the time of the county tax levy for each year, within said described area of Corriganville, as created in this article, such amounts not to exceed $0.15 on each $100 worth of assessable real property in Corriganville as may be requested by the Citizens Committee hereinafter provided for. Such taxes shall be collected as all county taxes are collected and shall be paid over by the Board of County Commissioners to the Treasurer of the Citizens Committee of Corriganville, to be selected from among their members by a majority of the members of the Citizens Committee or by the successors to be selected as herein provided. The Treasurer selected by the Committee shall give bond to the Board of County Commissioners, to be approved by a judge of the Circuit Court of Allegany County, in a penal sum to be fixed by the judge, conditioned upon the faithful discharge of the duties of the Treasurer.
Use. The taxes collected under the provisions of this article shall be used by said Citizens Committee for electric lights along the streets, alleys and public ways of Corriganville and for the establishment, erection and placement of signs along the streets, alleys and public ways of Corriganville as may be necessary or convenient in the opinion of the Citizens Committee of Corriganville.
Surplus funds.
Any moneys from whatever source derived, held by the Citizens Committee after making provisions for lights or erection of signs as hereinbefore provided, may be expended for the following:
The construction and maintenance of community playgrounds and other recreational and play areas.
The provision for other community projects and services as needed or desired by the citizens of Corriganville.
The expenditure of any surplus funds held by the Citizens Committee for the special tax area shall be made only after due consideration by the Committee and upon a majority vote of the Committee.
Audit. Books to be open to inspection. The Citizens Committee may employ an accountant to audit its books and accounts and may also employ whatever legal counsel it deems necessary. The Citizens Committee shall always keep available and open to public inspection by residents of Corriganville its books and accounts.
Members; oaths. Each member shall qualify as such Committeeman by taking an oath before any officer in Allegany County authorized by law to administer oaths diligently and faithfully to discharge all duties of the office. In case any such person shall fail to qualify within 30 days after July 1, 1992, or if any of their successors shall fail to qualify within 30 days after his election as Committeeman, as hereinafter provided, or in the case of any vacancy through death, resignation or otherwise, the remaining Committeemen shall fill the vacancy by the appointment of a resident of Corriganville, of legal age, who shall hold office for the term or unexpired term.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
Elections; terms; officers. On the first Monday in February 1993, two members of the Citizens Committee shall be elected to serve for one year and three members shall be elected to serve for two years. On the first Monday in February 1994, and on the first Monday in February of each succeeding year, an election shall be held at which Committeemen shall be elected for two years to succeed those whose terms are expiring and at which Committeemen shall be elected to fill any vacancies which may exist, but the Committeemen so elected to fill vacancies shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term only. Election shall be by ballot in a manner to be prescribed by the Committee. Only residents of legal age of Corriganville who have resided therein for not less than six months next preceding said election are entitled to vote for or hold the office of Committeeman in Corriganville. Following each election, each newly elected member of the Committee shall qualify by taking the oath prescribed. The Committee shall select from its members a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and any other officers it may deem necessary.
Use of funds. The Citizens Committee provided for herein has the power and authority to provide, by contract or otherwise, for electric lights in Corriganville and to pay for the same out of the taxes levied by the County Commissioners of Allegany County and paid over to the Treasurer of the Citizens Committee. The Treasurer shall pay out the funds in his possession only upon the order of the Citizens Committee and for the purposes authorized in this article.
Deposit of funds; authorized signatures. The Treasurer of the Citizens Committee shall deposit all funds coming into his possession as Treasurer in such bank as may be approved by the Committee, and they shall not be paid out except by check duly signed by him as Treasurer and countersigned by the Chairman or by some member of the Committee acting as Chairman and so authorized to act by resolution of the Committee, which must first be spread upon the minutes of said Committee.