City of Saco, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Saco 5-19-2011. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Findings. The City Council has taken note that a significant portion of Saco's economic activity and growth has occurred along the Route 1 corridor, a portion of which is commonly called the "Saco Auto Mile." Substantial numbers of people (many from outside Saco, and even some from outside of Maine) come to Saco to see cars and shop at the Auto Mile. These visitors can and do spend money throughout the community, and the economic effect of the Auto Mile is both significant and beneficial to the City. The Corridor provides jobs for citizens, results in direct taxes paid to the City, and promotes income for other businesses located in the area. The Council finds that an economic cluster has been created here around the automobile industry, including establishments involved in sales, repair, parts sales, rental, transportation, and other aspects of the automotive industry. The Council also finds that auto-related businesses located within the Auto Mile have little if any detrimental impact upon the City. The Council finds that the business of car sales and car leasing is particularly beneficial to Saco.
Purpose. The Council establishes this chapter for the express purpose of encouraging businesses to expand their operations and/or locate within Saco, and all other businesses, by promoting the number of vehicle registrations within Saco.
The following terms shall have the meanings defined below:
That fee paid by the owner of a motor vehicle to the City of Saco for the yearly registration of said vehicle as required by 36 M.R.S.A. § 1482, as amended from time to time.
A figure calculated and based upon the actual excise tax fees paid on vehicles registered in Saco by the applicant.
A place of business open to the public during regular hours, staffed by two or more persons, with a working, advertised telephone number.
Truck, car or other motor vehicle which is held out to the public for use, sale, or for lease by the day, week or month, or that is otherwise based, stored and operated out of Saco as part of the enterprise's businesses operations.
An enterprise with a place of business or operations in Saco will be eligible for, and may apply for, an incentive payment for a vehicle kept, stored or based in Saco, Maine, provided that the conditions set forth below in § 172-5 are met. The Finance Office of the City shall be authorized and empowered to effectuate this incentive program, and it shall report each year to the City Administrator as to those funds received, and the funds appropriated hereunder.
The amount of the incentive will be as follows:
Two percent on the first 500 vehicles registered in Saco.
Three percent on the next 500 vehicles registered in Saco.
Four percent on the next 500 vehicles registered in Saco.
Five percent on each vehicle thereafter registered in Saco.
Applicants that have registered at least 10 vehicles in Saco may qualify for an incentive payment if they meet the conditions found below in both Subsections A and B, provided that:
The party can conclusively establish that it has for the course of the prior year maintained a business or office in Saco, Maine. Said business or office must be open during regular business hours and must have an advertised working telephone number; and
The party has increased its employment at its Saco office by at least one half-time position over the prior year, or 2) that it has increased the number of vehicles it registered in Saco by 5% over the prior year, or 3) that it has registered at least 100 vehicles over the course of the year, or 4) that it has expanded its operations and physical facilities within Saco by $25,000 in new property value.
The City shall calculate the incentive program June 30 of each year by reviewing those registrations paid by the applicant between July 1 of the prior year and June 30 of the then current year. If the conditions set forth in § 172-5A and B are both met, the City shall pay the incentive fee 30 days thereafter from a designated fund.