City of Saco, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City of Saco 11-4-1980. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Establishment of the City

Section 1.01 Corporate Existence Retained.

Section 1.02 Powers of the City.

Section 1.03 Inter-governmental Relations.

Section 1.04 Wards.

Article II Mayor and the City Council

Section 2.01 Composition of Municipal Offices and Compensation.

Section 2.02 General Powers and Duties.

Section 2.03 Eligibility.

Section 2.04 Limitations; Mayor and City Council.

Section 2.05 Election and Term.

Section 2.06 Vacancies, Forfeiture of Office, Filling of Vacancies.

Section 2.07 Powers and Duties of the Mayor.

Section 2.08 Procedure.

Section 2.09 Ordinances in General.

Section 2.10 Emergency Ordinances.

Section 2.11 Authentication and Recording; Codification; Printing.

Article III City Administrator

Section 3.01 Appointment; Qualification; Compensation.

Section 3.02 Reappointment, Termination, Removal for Cause.

Section 3.03 Acting City Administrator.

Section 3.04 Powers and Duties of the City Administrator.

Article IV Board of Education

Section 4.01 School Department and School Board.

Article V Departments, Offices, and Agencies

Section 5.01 City Administrator, Chief Administrative Officer.

Section 5.02 City Council Power.

Section 5.03 Necessary Departments, Offices, or Agencies.

Section 5.04 Administrative Code.

Section 5.05 Personnel Ordinance.

Section 5.06 City Solicitor.

Article VI Financial Procedures

Section 6.01 Fiscal Year.

Section 6.02 Submission of Budgets.

Section 6.03 Budget Messages.

Section 6.04 Municipal Budget.

Section 6.05 Capital Program.

Section 6.06 City Council Action on the Municipal Budget.

Section 6.07 Council Action on Capital Program.

Section 6.08 Public Records.

Section 6.09 Amendments After Adoption.

Section 6.10 Lapse of Appropriations.

Section 6.11 Administration of Budget.

Section 6.12 Purchasing.

Section 6.13 Accounting Procedure.

Section 6.14 Borrowing in Anticipation of Taxes and Temporary Borrowings.

Section 6.15 Borrowing for Permanent Improvements.

Section 6.16 Independent Audit.

Article VII Elections

Section 7.01 City Elections.

Section 7.02 Candidates.

Section 7.03 Determination of Results.

Section 7.04 Voting Devices.

Article VIII General Meetings, Initiative and Referendum Recall

Section 8.01 General Meetings.

Section 8.02 Initiative and Referendum.

Section 8.03 Recall.

Article IX General Provisions

Section 9.01 Personal Financial Interest.

Section 9.02 Limitations.

Section 9.03 Judge of Qualifications.

Section 9.04 Investigations

Section 9.05 Oath of Office.

Section 9.06 Bonds.

Section 9.07 Separability.

Article X Transitional Provisions

Section 10.01 Officers and Employees.

Section 10.02 Departments, Offices and Agencies.

Section 10.03 Pending Matters.

Section 10.04 Municipal Ordinances Continue.

Section 10.05 Repealing Clause.

Section 10.06 Lucia Kimball Dearing Bequest.

Section 10.07 Effective Date.

Section 10.08 Continuation in Office.