City of Pittsfield, MA
Berkshire County
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Building Code — See Ch. 3.
Sale of wood, slabs and edgings for fuel — See § 14-4.
[Ord. No. 450, § 1]
For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:
An accessible clear space between lumber storage piles or groups of piles suitable for housekeeping operations, visual inspection of piling areas and initial fire-fighting operations. Alleyways shall be not less than four feet.
Any area free of combustible materials. This does not preclude the storage of noncombustible materials that will not transmit an exposure fire.
A clear space suitable for fire-fighting operations by motorized fire apparatus.
Lumber, timber and other similar forest products.
The outdoor areas where lumber and other forest products, as described in Section 12-2, are stored outside buildings.
[Ord. No. 450, § 2]
Plot plans of lumber storage yard property with fire lanes and alleyways, structures and location of hydrants shall be submitted to the chief fire engineer. The plot plans shall also show the following:
Facilities for early fire detection and extinguishment.
Separation of yard storage from mill operations and other exposing properties.
[Ord. No. 450, § 3]
Alleyways required. Ready access by means of alleyways shall be provided into all parts of the lumber storage area so that portable fire extinguishers and fire hose can be promptly brought to the site of the fire. Alleyways shall be unobstructed, of sufficient width for fire hose laying operations, so that small fires can be effectively controlled.
Fire department, etc., to be notified of fires, etc. When a fire is discovered, no matter how small, the public fire department and plant fire brigade shall be notified at once. The telephone number of the fire department and the location of the nearest fire alarm box shall be posted conspicuously in several locations in the yard and buildings.
Instructions to employees. Employees shall be fully instructed in the proper procedure of transmitting a fire alarm and in the use of extinguishers and all other fire protection equipment.
Portable fire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers suitable for the fire hazard involved shall be provided in accordance with city fire department instructions. Approved fire extinguishers shall be provided on all power vehicles. Portable fire extinguishers shall be 2 1/2 gallon Class A extinguishers (soda and acid type for heated structures and antifreeze type extinguishers for unheated structures and yard locations.) Extinguishers shall be so placed that the travel distance to the nearest unit shall not exceed 100 feet.
Fire hydrant system. A yard fire hydrant system connected to an ample water supply shall be provided in accordance with city fire department instructions. Public or private water mains shall be eight inch minimum and the hydrant system shall have an ample water supply. Hydrants shall be of the approved type and located so that any part of the yard can be reached with 350 feet of hose.
[Ord. No. 450, § 4]
Fire lanes required. Fire lanes suitable for fire department operations shall be provided in lumberyards and storage areas with storage arranged so that no part of the occupied area is more than 50 feet distant in any direction from access by motorized fire fighting equipment.
Fire lanes generally; roadways required from public highways. Fire lanes shall be kept unobstructed. They shall have an all-weather surface sufficiently strong to support fire apparatus, and shall be of sufficient width to permit maneuvering of motorized fire apparatus. Where practical, greater widths are desirable to minimize the effects of radiated heat, particularly in high piled yards. All weather roadways capable of supporting fire department apparatus shall be provided to the plant and yard from public highways.
Pile heights. Pile heights shall be limited to 20 feet.
[Ord. No. 450, § 5]
Removal of sawdust, chips, etc. Sawdust, chips, shorts and other debris shall be removed from lumber piling areas so as to prevent accumulation, particular attention being given to space under piles.
Smoking. Smoking is prohibited except in those areas specified safe by the city fire department. "No Smoking" signs shall be posted throughout all buildings and in the yard except in specific locations designated as safe for smoking and signs permitting smoking shall be posted in those areas.
Heating devices. Salamanders, braziers, open fires and similar dangerous heating arrangements are prohibited. Heating devices shall be limited to approved type equipment installed in an approved manner.
Spark arrestors—Generally. Suitable safeguards shall be provided to minimize the hazards of sparks from such equipment as boiler stacks and vehicle exhausts.
Same—Stacks. Stacks from solid fuel burning furnaces and boilers shall be equipped with spark arresting equipment to prevent hot sparks from reaching the ground and consideration shall be given to spark hazard in determining the height of such stacks.
[Ord. No. 674, § 8, 5-29-1991]
Any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall pay the fines as stated below:
1st offense
2nd offense
3rd and each subsequent offense
Each day in which any violation exists shall be deemed to constitute a separate offense. The provisions of this chapter shall be enforced by the fire department and the police department.