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Township of Bear Creek, PA
Luzerne County
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Except where a job is to be filled by transferring or promoting a current Township employee, all regular jobs to be filled shall first be advertised by whatever means are necessary and practical to assure public knowledge in the Township of the vacancy and to attract a sufficient number of qualified candidates.
Each application for announced vacancies may be subject to examination by the Township Supervisors to determine whether the applicant meets the minimum requirements for the job to be filled. The examination may consist of written, oral, or performance tests or an evaluation of the applicant's experience and training compared to the requirements of the job or any combination thereof. This evaluation may include review of a written application form, oral interview, and reference checks.
The Township Secretary shall prepare a list of all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the job. The list shall be forwarded to the appropriate department supervisor who shall recommend from that list a qualified individual for employment. The selection may be subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors.
The Township may fill position by transferring or promoting a current Township employee, if the employee possesses the qualifications for the position to be filled, and if the promotion is in accordance with any other policies and procedures the Township may develop.
Employees hired for temporary or seasonal work which is expected to last less than one year shall not be considered regular employees and shall be considered to be on probation for the entire period of their employment.
Duration. Newly appointed employees shall serve a probationary period during which he/she will be required to demonstrate fitness for the position. The length of the probationary period shall be three months and may be extended for up to an additional three months at the direction of the Supervisors.
Evaluation. The department head shall periodically evaluate the quality of the new employee's work during the probationary period and inform the employee in writing of this evaluation. A probationary employee may be removed from his or her position at any time during the probationary period by the Township Supervisors. A probationary employee will be considered to have successfully completed of the probationary period upon the favorable written recommendation of the department head.