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Township of Bear Creek, PA
Luzerne County
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Bear Creek Township is hereby divided into zoning districts, as shown on the Official Zoning Map, which together with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby adopted by reference and declared to be part of this chapter, together with all future notations, references and amendments.
Any changes to the location of zoning district boundaries or other matters portrayed upon the Official Zoning Map shall be undertaken in accordance with the applicable provisions contained within Article XIV of this chapter and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247, as amended.[1] Such changes shall be provided upon the Official Zoning Map promptly after the enactment of the subject amendment by the Bear Creek Township Board of Supervisors.
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. § 10101 et seq.
For the interpretation of zoning district boundaries, the following subsections shall apply if or when a determination is not made by the Zoning Officer.
Zoning Hearing Board. If uncertainty exists as to the boundary of any zoning district shown upon the Official Zoning Map, the Zoning Hearing Board shall determine the location of such boundary according to the guidelines set forth in Subsection B.
Zoning district boundary lines are intended to follow or parallel the center line of streets, streams and railroads; and the lot or property lines as they exist on a recorded deed or plan at the time of adoption of this chapter, unless such zoning district boundary lines are fixed by dimensions as shown on the Official Zoning Map.
Where a zoning district boundary is not fixed by dimensions and where it approximately follows lot lines, and does not scale more than 10 feet therefrom, such lot lines shall be construed to be such boundaries unless specifically shown otherwise.
In accordance with § 127-17 of this chapter, if a zoning district boundary line divides a lot held in single and separate ownership prior to the effective date of this chapter, placing 85% or more of the lot area in a particular zoning district, the location of such district boundary line may be construed to include the remaining 15% or less of the lot so divided, subject to the lot of record not being greater than two acres. It shall be the property owner's responsibility to provide documentation to the Zoning Officer to substantiate the location and area of land of the applicable zoning districts for the subject property.
If the guidelines within this section above fail to provide and establish the boundary of a zoning district, a survey of the property or area of land in question shall be made by a registered surveyor, with the cost of the survey paid by the party who is questioning or contesting the boundary location.
For the purpose of this chapter, Bear Creek is hereby divided into zoning districts as designated below:
Conservation District
Agricultural District
Single-Family Residential District
Multifamily Residential District
Neighborhood Business District
General Business District
Industrial District
Planned Residential Development District