City of Lancaster, WI
Grant County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of Lancaster 8-15-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-06 as §§ 12.07 and 12.09 of the 2005 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Licenses and permits — See Ch. 290.
Zoning — See Ch. 455.

§ 306-1 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
A mobile home which does not have complete bathroom facilities.
Any person licensed to operate and maintain a mobile home park under this chapter.
That which is, or was, as originally constructed, designed to be transported by any motor vehicle upon a public highway, and designed, equipped and used primarily for sleeping, eating and living quarters, or is intended to be so used, and includes any additions, attachments, annexes, foundations and appurtenances, except that a house trailer is not deemed a mobile home if the assessable value of such additions, attachments, annexes, foundations and appurtenances equals or exceeds 50% of the assessable value of the mobile home.
Any plot or plots of ground upon which two or more units, occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes, are located, regardless of whether or not a charge is made for such accommodation.
A mobile home equipped with complete bath and toilet facilities, all furniture, cooking, heating, appliances and complete year-round facilities.
A mobile home park.
Includes an individual, partnership, firm, company, or corporation, whether tenant, owner, lessee, licensee or their agent, heir or assign.
A plot of ground within a mobile home park of not less than 1,000 square feet, designed for the accommodation of one auto and one mobile home unit.
A mobile home unit.

§ 306-2 License for mobile home park; application and issuance.

No person shall maintain or operate, within the limits of the City, any mobile home park unless such person shall first obtain from the Common Council a license therefor. All such parks in existence on May 14, 1957, shall obtain such license and in all respects fully comply with the requirements of this chapter, except that the Council shall, upon application of a park operator, waive such requirements that require prohibitive reconstruction cost if such waiver does not affect sanitation requirements of the City or permit to continue any hazard to the welfare and health of the community and the occupants of the park. Such license shall expire one year from the date of issuance but may be renewed under the provisions of this chapter for additional periods of one year.
The application for such license or the renewal thereof shall be filed with the City Clerk/Treasurer and shall be accompanied by the fee provided in the City's Fee Schedule. Such license may be transferred upon payment of the transfer fee provided in the City's Fee Schedule.
[Amended 11-17-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-05]
The application for a license or a renewal thereof shall be made on forms furnished by the City Clerk/Treasurer and shall include the name and address of the owner in fee of the tract or, if the fee is vested in some person other than the applicant, a verified statement by that person that the applicant is authorized by him to construct or maintain a mobile home park and make such application and such a legal description of the premises upon which the mobile home park is or will be located as will readily identify and definitely locate the premises. Such application shall also include a plan or description showing the area used for park purposes, roads and driveways, location of mobile home units, location and number of sanitary facilities, including toilets, washrooms, laundries and utility rooms, plan of sewage disposal, method or plan of garbage removal and plans for water supply and electrical service. If the existing or proposed park is designated to serve nondependent mobile home units, such plans shall clearly set forth the location of all sewer and water pipes and connections.

§ 306-3 Inspection and enforcement.

No mobile home park license or permit for location outside of a mobile home park shall be issued until the City Clerk/Treasurer shall notify the Director of Public Works of such application and he shall inspect, or cause to be inspected, each application and the premises to determine whether the applicant and the premises on which mobile homes will be located comply with the regulations, ordinances and laws applicable thereto. Such official shall furnish to the Council, in writing, the information derived from such investigation and a statement as to whether the applicant and the premises meet the requirements of this chapter. No license shall be renewed without a reinspection of the premises. For the purpose of making inspections and securing enforcement, the Director of Public Works, as well as the Chief of Police and Chief of Fire Department, are hereby empowered to enter on any premises on which a mobile home is located or about to be located and inspect the same and all accommodations connected therewith at any reasonable time.

§ 306-4 Mobile home park plan.

Every mobile home or mobile home park shall be located on a well-drained area, and the premises shall be properly graded so as to prevent the accumulation of stormwater or other waters.
Mobile home spaces shall be clearly defined and shall consist of a minimum of 7,200 square feet and a width of not less than 30 feet. The park shall be so arranged that all spaces shall face or abut on a driveway of not less than 20 feet in width, giving easy access from all units to a public street. Such driveway shall be graveled or paved and maintained in good condition, having natural drainage, be well lighted at night and shall not be obstructed. No mobile home shall be parked within 15 feet of the lot line of the mobile home park, and a minimum distance of 20 feet shall be maintained between units and appurtenant structures. The provisions of this section, as amended, shall not apply to mobile home parks in existence and licensed as of July 1, 2003.
Every mobile home space shall be furnished with an electric service outlet equipped with an externally operated switch or fuse of not less than 30 amps capacity and a heavy-duty outlet receptacle. Electrical outlets shall be weatherproof and no power lines shall be less than 15 feet above the ground.
No mobile homes shall be parked in a mobile home park outside of a designated space.

§ 306-5 Permit for location outside of mobile home park.

The Council may issue permits allowing the location of a mobile home outside of a mobile home park to persons who, at the date of the enactment of this chapter, are so located. Such application shall be made within 30 days of the effective date of this chapter. Thereafter, no such permit shall be issued other than annual renewals of the permit herein provided. No such permit shall be transferable.
All occupants of any mobile home located outside of a mobile home park shall register with the City Clerk/Treasurer in the same manner as provided in § 306-9 in regard to mobile home parks. All provisions of this chapter governing the location, use and sanitation of mobile homes located in a licensed park shall, so far as they are applicable, apply to any mobile home located outside of such park.
No person shall park, locate or place any mobile home outside of a licensed mobile home park in the City, except unoccupied mobile homes may be parked on the premises of a licensed mobile home dealer for purposes of sales display; on the premises of a mobile home manufacturer; on the premises of a vehicle service business for purposes of servicing or making necessary repairs; on the premises leased or owned by the owner of such mobile home for purposes of sales display for a period not exceeding 120 days, provided that no business is carried on therein; or in an accessory private garage, building or rear yard of the owner of such mobile home.
No person shall stop, stand or park a mobile home on any street, alley, or highway within the City in violation of Chs. 340 to 348, Wis. Stats., or the traffic ordinances and regulations of the City.
Application for the permit shall be made to the City Clerk/Treasurer and shall be accompanied by an inspection fee as provided in the City's Fee Schedule, shall state the names and permanent addresses of the occupants of the mobile home, the serial and license number of their unit and towing vehicle, place of last stay, whether the occupants are nonresident tourists, whether any occupant is employed in this state, the exact location of the premises, the name of the owner and the occupant of any dwelling on the premises, and the owner's and/or occupant's permission to locate there.
[Amended 11-17-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-05]

§ 306-6 Water supply.

An adequate supply of pure water, furnished through a pipe distribution system connected directly with the public water main, with supply faucets located not more than 200 feet from any dependent unit, shall be furnished for drinking and domestic purposes in all parks.
Individual water service connections provided for direct use of an independent unit shall be so constructed that they will not be damaged by the parking of such units. Such system shall be adequate to provide 20 pounds of pressure per square inch and capable of furnishing a minimum of 125 gallons per day per space.

§ 306-7 Service building and accommodations.

Every park designed to serve dependent units shall have erected thereon suitable buildings for housing toilets, lavatories, showers, slop sinks and laundry facilities, such buildings and facilities to be of permanent construction and adequately lighted, screened and ventilated and to have separate toilet rooms and bathing facilities for each sex, all of such facilities to be of such nature and in such number as may be necessary for proper sanitation in accordance with the size and type of the park and to be subject to the approval of the Director of Public Works.

§ 306-8 Waste and garbage disposal.

All liquid waste from showers, toilets, laundries, faucets, lavatories, etc., shall be discharged into a sewer system extended from and connected with the public sewer system; every space designed to serve nondependent units shall be provided with sewer connections which shall comply with the State Plumbing Code with fittings so that watertight connections can be made and constructed so that they can be closed when not connected and trapped in such a manner as to be maintained in an odor-free condition. All sanitary facilities in any unit which are not connected with a public sewer system by approved pipe connections shall be sealed and their use is hereby prohibited.

§ 306-9 Management.

In every park there shall be located the office of the attendant or person in charge of such park. A copy of the park license and of this chapter shall be posted therein and the park register shall at all times be kept in such office.
The attendant or person in charge, together with the licensee, shall:
Keep a register of all guests to be open at all times to inspection by local, state and federal officers, which shall show for all guests:
Names and addresses.
Number of children of school age.
State of legal residence.
Dates of entrance and departure.
License numbers of all mobile homes and towing or other vehicles.
States issuing such licenses.
Purposes of stay.
Place of last location and length of stay.
Place of employment of each occupant.
Maintain the park in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition at all times.
Ensure that the provisions of this chapter are complied with and enforce and report promptly to the proper authorities any violations of this chapter which may come to his attention.
Report to the Chief of Police all cases of persons or animals affected or suspected of being affected with any communicable disease.
[Amended 11-17-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-05]
Maintain in convenient places, approved by the Fire Chief, hand fire extinguishers in the ratio of one to each eight units.
Collect the monthly parking permit fee as provided in § 306-11. A book shall be kept showing the names of the persons paying service charges and the amount paid.
Prohibit the lighting of open fires on the premises.

§ 306-10 Applicability of plumbing, electrical and building codes.

[Amended 11-17-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-05]
All plumbing, electrical, building and other work on or at any park licensed under this chapter shall be in accordance with the ordinances of the City and the requirements of the State Plumbing, Electrical and Building Codes, and the regulations of the State Department of Safety and Professional Services. Licenses and permits granted under this chapter grant no right to erect or repair any structure or to do any plumbing work or any electrical work.

§ 306-11 Monthly parking permit fee.

There is hereby imposed on each owner of a nonexempt, occupied mobile home in the City a monthly parking permit fee determined in accordance with § 66.0435(3), Wis. Stats., which is hereby adopted by reference and made a part of this section as if fully set forth herein. It shall be the full and complete responsibility of the licensee to collect the proper amount from each mobile home owner. Licensees and owners of mobile homes permitted to be located on land outside a mobile home park shall pay to the City Clerk/Treasurer such parking permit fees on or before the 10th of the month following the month for which such fees are due in accordance with the terms of this section and such regulations as the Clerk/Treasurer may reasonably promulgate.
Licensees of mobile home parks and owners of land on which are parked any occupied, nonexempt mobile homes shall furnish information to the City Clerk/Treasurer and City Assessor on such homes added to their park or land within five days after arrival of such home on forms furnished by the City Clerk/Treasurer in accordance with § 66.0435(3), Wis. Stats. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements of this subsection shall be subject to a forfeiture of $25. Each failure to report is a separate offense.
[Amended 11-17-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-05]
Owners of nonexempt, occupied mobile homes, upon receipt of notice from the City Clerk/Treasurer of their liability for the monthly parking permit fee, shall remit to the City Clerk/Treasurer a cash deposit of $25 to guarantee payment of such fees when due to the City Clerk/Treasurer. It shall be the full and complete responsibility of the licensee of a mobile home park to collect such cash deposits from each occupied, nonexempt mobile home therein and remit such deposits to the City Clerk/Treasurer. Upon receipt of a notice from the owner or licensee that the nonexempt, occupied mobile home has been or is about to be removed from the City, the City Clerk/Treasurer shall apply the cash deposit to reduce any monthly parking permit fees for which the owner is liable and refund the balance, if any, to the owner.

§ 306-12 Revocation of license.

The Council is hereby authorized to revoke any license or permit issued pursuant to the terms of this chapter in accordance with § 66.0435, Wis. Stats.

§ 306-13 Violations and penalties.

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, any person found to be in violation of any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a penalty as provided in § 1-4 of this Municipal Code. Such penalty may be in addition to the revocation, suspension or nonrenewal of any license or permit issued under the provisions of this chapter.