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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2008 §225.330; Ord. No. 2257, 10-12-2004]
Subject to limitations hereinafter set forth, permit and fees, only the following types of signs shall be permitted in industrial zoning districts in accordance with the regulations hereinafter prescribed.
Regulations pertaining to size, height and number represent maximums allowed, unless specifically set forth in a given Section. No sign shall project above the roof line of a building located on the same property and shall be illuminated with only a steady light. Light rays shall shine only upon the sign and shall extend spill over the property lines of the parcel on which the sign is located.
All signs enumerated in this Article shall require a permit from the Building Official.
Permitted Signs.
[Ord. No. 2557 §1, 8-11-2015]
All signs permitted in the residential district.
[Ord. No. 2576 §11, 3-8-2016]
Wall signs. One (1) sign on each exterior building wall directly enclosing each business establishment mounted on the building wall with a size limitation of twenty-five (25) square feet; signs may not project more than eighteen (18) inches from the wall surface and must maintain a minimum clearance of ten (10) feet between the lowest point of the sign and any walkway, paving or ground level beneath the sign. Where the wall face on which the sign is to be located exceeds three hundred fifty (350) square feet in area, the gross area of such sign may be equal to five percent (5%) of such wall area, however, not to exceed three hundred (300) square feet. An alternative wall sign location for a business establishment may be approved as noted by Chapter 425, Community Design-General of this Title.
[Ord. No. 2576 §11, 3-8-2016]
Monument signs. Each business lot with a continuous frontage of at least two hundred (200) feet measured along one (1) street line only or a lot area of three (3) acres or more is entitled to one (1) monument sign with a sign limitation of twenty-five (25) square feet and a height no greater than six (6) feet.
One-sided signs are subject to a maximum area of one-half (1/2) of the total allowable sign area.
Only one (1) monument sign per lot is allowed, regardless of the number of tenants occupying said lot or property.
No part of the monument sign may project beyond a five-foot setback line from the roadway, right-of-way and roadway easement, nor shall any part of said sign obstruct vision at any intersection or vehicular access point.
Any multi-tenant building having common parking areas or common roof structures and consisting of six (6) or more tenants may, in addition to the aforementioned monument sign area, have a directory sign identifying each business located within that center, provided that:
Said directory signage must be an integral part of the monument sign authorized in this Code, provided that the total height does not exceed eight (8) feet; and
Total square footage of directory signage to be dedicated to tenant information will not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total sign face; and
Total square footage for any individual tenant may not exceed ten (10) square feet per sign face.
Directional information signs. Directional information signs serving to direct traffic or indicate areas of specific service functions and which contain no name or advertisement of any kind may be placed on walls or posts subject to the following:
No sign shall be more than three (3) square feet in area or any part closer than three (3) feet to any sidewalk edge or any part closer than fifteen (15) feet to the road roadway, right-of-way and roadway easement.
Post signs shall not be higher than three and one-half (3 1/2) feet nor closer to the mean grade under said sign than twelve (12) inches.
The location and verbiage of such signs shall be subject to approval and interpretation of the Building Official.
Industrial subdivision identification sign. A double-faced ground sign, not exceeding forty (40) square feet per sign face, shall be permitted for an industrial subdivision, which sign shall be limited to the name of the subdivision and the occupants of such subdivision. Design and location are subject to approval as noted by Chapter 425, Community Design-General of this Title.
[Ord. No. 2576 §11, 3-8-2016]