City of Osage Beach, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Offenses concerning drugs, §210.520 et. seq.; alcohol-related traffic offenses, ch. 342.
Article I In General

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.015 Sale By Drink.

Section 600.020 Policy — Intent.

Section 600.030 Liquor Control Board.

Section 600.040 Penalty For Delinquent License Payments.

Section 600.050 Exposure of Private Parts of Body or Simulation Thereof in Commercial Establishments Licensed By Chapter Where Intoxicating Liquor Is Served or Consumed.

Section 600.055 Open Containers.

Article II Intoxicating Liquor — In General

Section 600.060 Minors.

Section 600.070 Public Consumption.

Section 600.075 Temporary Outdoor Consumption of Alcohol at Festivals.

Section 600.080 "No Drinking" Signs.

Section 600.085 Permitted Public Consumption.

Section 600.090 Authorized Liquors On Licensed Premises.

Article III Intoxicating Liquor Licenses

Section 600.100 License Required.

Section 600.110 Application.

Section 600.120 License Regulations.

Section 600.130 Sales Near Churches, Schools, Parks, Etc.

Section 600.140 Character Requirement.

Section 600.150 Classification Fees.

Section 600.155 Temporary Location For Liquor By The Drink, Caterers — Permit — Fee Required.

Section 600.160 Term — Renewals.

Section 600.165 Penalty For Delinquent Liquor License Renewals.

Section 600.170 Forms and Contents.

Section 600.180 Transfer — Separate License For Each Place of Business Requiring State License.

Section 600.190 Suspension or Revocation Generally.

Section 600.200 Effect of Revocation On Reissuance.

Section 600.210 Miscellaneous Offenses.

Section 600.220 Warning Sign Displayed — Liquor Licenses.