City of Osage Beach, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Building Code

Section 500.010 2012 International Building Code — Adoption.

Section 500.020 2012 International Building Code — Amendments.

Section 500.030 Penalty.

Section 500.035 Adoption of International Residential Code.

Section 500.037 2012 International Residential Code Amendments.

Article II Electrical Code

Section 500.040 Adoption of National Electrical Code.

Section 500.050 National Electrical Code — Amendments.

Section 500.060 Enforcement.

Section 500.070 Penalty.

Article III Property Maintenance Code

Section 500.080 Adoption of International Property Maintenance Code.

Section 500.090 2012 International Property Maintenance Code — Amendments.

Section 500.100 Penalty.

Article IV Mechanical Code

Section 500.110 Adoption of International Mechanical Code.

Section 500.120 2012 International Mechanical Code — Amendments.

Section 500.130 Penalty.

Article V Plumbing Code

Section 500.140 Adoption of International Plumbing Code.

Section 500.150 2012 International Plumbing Code — Amendments.

Section 500.160 Penalty.

Article VI Miscellaneous Building Regulations

Section 500.170 Moving of Buildings.

Section 500.175 Demolition.

Article VII Fire Prevention Code

Section 500.180 Adoption of The Fire Prevention Code.

Section 500.190 Jurisdictional Title/Definitions.

Section 500.200 2012 International Fire Code Amendments.

Section 500.210 Adoption of Fire Flow Requirements For Building and Fire Apparatus Access Roads.

Section 500.220 Amendments.

Section 500.230 (Reserved)

Article VIII Fuel Gas Code

Section 500.240 Adoption of International Fuel Gas Code.

Section 500.250 2012 International Fuel Gas Code Amendments.