City of Osage Beach, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Garage Sales

Section 615.010 Purpose of Article.

Section 615.020 Definitions.

Section 615.030 Zones of City Where Garage Sales Permitted.

Section 615.040 Permit.

Section 615.050 Exceptions.

Section 615.060 Violation.

Section 615.070 Supplements But Does Not Supplant Other Chapters of The Code of Ordinances.

Article II Junk Yards

Section 615.080 Definitions.

Section 615.090 Violations.

Section 615.100 General Maintenance and Sanitation.

Section 615.110 Storage Generally.

Section 615.120 Fire Prevention Measures.

Section 615.130 Noise.

Section 615.140 Fences, Etc.

Section 615.150 License Required.

Section 615.160 Application.

Section 615.170 Investigation and Issuance.

Section 615.180 Fee.

Section 615.190 Transfer of License.

Section 615.200 Term.

Section 615.210 Display of License.

Section 615.220 License Revocation.

Article III Pawnbrokers and Related Merchants

Section 615.230 Definitions.

Section 615.240 Licenses Required.

Section 615.250 Application For New Pawnshop License.

Section 615.260 Transfer of Existing Pawnshop License — Change of Ownership of Licensed Pawnshop.

Section 615.270 Application For License.

Section 615.280 Investigation By Director.

Section 615.290 Standards For Issuance.

Section 615.300 Limitations.

Section 615.310 Subsequent License Applications.

Section 615.320 Suspension or Revocation of License.

Section 615.330 Receipt of Pledged Property — Contents, Loss of, Effect.

Section 615.340 Loans Due, When — Return of Collateral, When — Restrictions.

Section 615.350 Pawnshop Not To Be Used As A Residence.

Section 615.360 Hours of Operation.

Section 615.370 Notice of Goods To Be Shipped Out of Town.

Section 615.380 Adequate Books and Records Required.

Section 615.390 Rules.

Section 615.395 Receiving Goods From Minors.

Section 615.400 Penalty and Other Remedies.