Town of LeRoy, NY
Genesee County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of LeRoy 9-25-1989 by L.L. No. 1-1989. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Environmental quality review — See Ch. 72.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 118.
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 135.
The following are minimum specifications for any road offered for dedication to the Town of LeRoy, and any acceptance of such offer shall be specifically subject to approval of the road by the New York State Department of Transportation as eligible for state highway aid:
The right-of-way shall be at least 50 feet in width and unobstructed by any structures.
No underground utility shall be located within 18 feet of the center line of the right-of-way and shall be at least three feet below the grade at the shoulder with not less than 18 inches of cover.
No utility pole, guy wire or other aboveground structure shall be within 20 feet of the center line of said right-of-way.
Pavement construction shall consist of at least the following:
A subbase course of at least 18 inches of acceptable gravel or crushed stone not less than 30 feet in width compacted to the extent that it will not weave under the passage of a ten-ton roller and graded smooth.
A base course of asphaltic concrete material (hot or cold) to a uniform thickness of at least three inches and a width of not less than 20 feet similarly compacted.
A top course of asphaltic concrete top material at least two inches thick and 20 feet in width, covering the base course, similarly compacted.
Shoulders shall extend on each side of the base and top courses for a distance of at least five feet, shall be flush with the asphaltic concrete pavement at its edge, be sloped to properly drain the pavement surface and treated with bituminous material and covered with No. 1 crushed stone.
The center line of the payment shall, except in unusual circumstances as permitted by the Town Highway Superintendent, be the center line of the right-of-way.
The road shall be ditched on both sides to a depth which shall provide proper drainage of the base and surface of the roadway and shall in no manner interfere with or be connected with any sanitary facilities on the adjoining property.
No culvert crossing said ditch or attempting to conduct water through said ditch shall be constructed on any Town highway without a written permit from the Town Highway Superintendent.
All culverts affecting the drainage of Town roads shall be constructed of corrugated metal and be of such size, shape, length and gauge as the Town Highway Superintendent shall require.
In the event that the proposed road does not connect with another road at each end, there shall be constructed a cul-de-sac or turnaround pursuant to the above specification for pavements, except that the right-of-way shall have a minimum radius of not less than 75 feet and a paved surface of not less than 60 feet.
All construction work on any such road shall be performed and all materials shall be placed under the inspection and subject to the approval of the Town Highway Superintendent.
No work may be performed, ditch-filled or altered, road cut made or any alteration made on any Town road in the Town of LeRoy without the prior express written approval of the Town Highway Superintendent.
All roads offered for dedication to the Town of LeRoy shall have submitted therewith at least the following:
A survey map of the proposed road with typical cross-sections on a scale of not less than one inch equals 40 feet for the length of the road and not less than one inch equals four feet for all cross-sections showing all proposed drainage and other structures both above and below grade.
A complete legal description of the entire right-of-way to be dedicated.
An abstract of title redated to within 90 days of the date the offer is made, showing clear and marketable title to the land to be dedicated.
A warranty deed from the owner to the Town of LeRoy conveying clear and marketable title.