City of Lake Waukomis, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to animals and fowl generally, ch. 205; as to emergency management generally, ch. 225; as to creating or permitting nuisances, ch. 215; as to maintenance of privies, ponds, drains, etc., §215.010; as to throwing or placing pollutants in lake, §235.010; as to refuse, garbage and junk generally, ch. 230; as to water generally, ch. 700.
[CC 1974 §11-1; Ord. No. 27 §4-701, 3-13-1958]
For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this Section:
Any person occupying premises within the City.
The actual owner, agent or custodian of any premises in the City.
Any condition that provides a shelter or protection for rats.
[CC 1974 §11-2; Ord. No. 7 §1-710, 2-8-1958]
Two (2) members of the Board of Aldermen, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, shall constitute a Board of Health and such members shall hold their office for a term of one (1) year and until their successors are duly appointed and qualified.
[CC 1974 §11-3; Ord. No. 7 §1-710, 2-8-1958]
The duties of the Board of Health shall be as follows:
To exercise a general supervision over the sanitary affairs of the City;
To report to the Mayor all causes which, in their opinion, are likely to be detrimental to the general health of the City;
To confer with the Mayor, the Board of Aldermen or the City Marshal when requested to do so, concerning any matter with the City pertaining to its duties;
To determine as to the facts when it shall be reported that an infectious or contagious disease has been or is about to be brought into the City;
To report as to the truthfulness of such reported infection or disease, in writing, to the Mayor or the Board of Aldermen; and
To render such other professional services as may legally be required of them by the Board of Aldermen.
[CC 1974 §11-4]
In any case of public emergency, the Board of Health shall have authority to establish regulations relative to prevention and control of contagious or infectious diseases.
[CC 1974 §11-5; Ord. No. 22 §4-210, 3-1-1958]
For every failure, refusal or neglect by any person to comply with any order from the Board of Health or to remedy or remove any nuisance existing on their premises, or if any person shall in anywise disobey, disregard or interfere with the enforcement of the orders of the Board, such person shall be punished as provided in Section 100.220. In addition to such penalty, all expenses incurred in removing such nuisance may be recovered by the City as other fines, penalties or forfeitures.
[CC 1974 §11-6; Ord. No. 27 §4-704, 3-13-1958]
It shall be the duty of the Board of Health to perform the following duties required in this Chapter: To examine and inspect any accumulation of trash, garbage or junk within the limits of the City; to determine if unsanitary conditions exist which afford feed or harborage for rats; and, upon finding such conditions, to give the owner or lessee in possession of the premises upon which such unsanitary condition exists a written notice of such condition and of the action needed to correct such condition.
[CC 1974 §11-7; Ord. No. 27 §4-705, 3-13-1958]
Upon receipt of the written notice provided for in Section 217.060, the owner shall complete all action necessary to eliminate the unsanitary condition within fifteen (15) days or within such extensions of time as may be granted to correct such conditions or be deemed guilty of a violation of this Chapter.
[CC 1974 §11-8; Ord. No. 27 §4-702, 3-13-1958]
All garbage, waste, animal or vegetable matter or small dead animals shall be stored in containers with a windproof and ratproof cover.
Cross Reference — As to refuse and garbage, ch. 230 of this Code.
[CC 1974 §11-9; Ord. No. 27 §4-703, 3-13-1958]
It shall be unlawful for any person to place, leave, dump or permit to accumulate any garbage, rubbish, trash or junk which affords either food or a harborage for rats within the City.
It shall be unlawful for any owner of premises within the City to place, store or accumulate upon his/her premises any junk, unlicensed or unused motor vehicles, house trailers and trailers, farm equipment or junk of any type which offers or affords harborage of rats and other vermin.
[CC 1974 §11-10; Ord. No. 27 §4-706, 3-13-1958]
If any owner shall fail or refuse to comply with the requirements of Sections 217.080 and 217.090, every day the unsanitary condition remains uncorrected after the expiration of the time specified in Section 217.070 shall constitute a separate offense.
[CC 1974 §11-11; Ord. No. 259 §§1 — 2, 4-12-2000; Ord. No. 486, 11-1-2015]
The appropriate officials of the City of Lake Waukomis are hereby authorized to conduct testing, including smoke testing or other forms of testing, to determine if any of the residences or other structures within the City of Lake Waukomis allow or permit any rainwater or surface water to empty into or drain directly or indirectly into the sanitary sewer system of Lake Waukomis.
All residences and other structures shall drain rainwater and surface water into the waters of Lake Waukomis in such a manner that will prevent siltation and damage to the adjoining and neighboring property.
It shall be unlawful to cause or permit any rainwater or surface water to empty into or drain, directly or indirectly, into the sanitary sewer system of the City of Lake Waukomis; provided that all residences and structures now so equipped that such rainwater and surface water is draining into the sanitary sewer system shall have sixty (60) days after written notice has been provided to comply with this Section, and it shall thereafter be unlawful to cause or permit rainwater and surface water to empty or drain, directly or indirectly, into the sanitary sewer system of the City.
If it is determined that any residence or other structure is being maintained in such a manner as to cause or permit any rainwater or surface water to empty into or drain, directly or indirectly, into the sanitary sewer system of Lake Waukomis, Missouri, then the owner or owners of said residence or other structure shall be provided written notice, either by delivery in person or by certified mail to said address, giving the owner sixty (60) days to comply with this Section. Each twenty-four-hour period thereafter that the owner fails to comply shall be deemed an additional violation of this Section.
It shall be unlawful to cause or permit any ditches, culverts and/or drain tubes which divert rainwater and/or surface water runoff from being or remaining blocked or clogged by the accumulation of storm debris, yard waste and/or man-made material or trash to the extent that such rainwater and/or surface water runs over the street or road and/or accumulates adjacent to the street or road.