City of Belfast, ME
Waldo County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 1, 5-5-1998]
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Any vendor of merchandise or goods who engages in the practice of selling his wares or services by means of door-to-door solicitation. The term "itinerant vendor" does not include a person who canvasses door-to-door for purposes other than for the purpose of selling merchandise, goods, or services. Persons who canvass door-to-door for political or religious purposes are not itinerant vendors for purposes of this article.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 5(ii)(iv), 5-5-1998]
Upon receipt of an itinerant vendor's permit, an itinerant vendor shall receive a copy of a list of addresses where the vendor may not solicit. This provision does not limit the rights of any property owner or resident of the City to exercise his own authority to control access to his property by other means.
Upon request of a property owner or other authorized person, the Clerk, or other employee at the Clerk's direction, shall place the address of a premises on the list. A property owner or other authorized person may have his address removed from the list at any time.
Without limiting the rights of property owners/residents, this list is meant to provide an owner or other authorized person a method of notifying itinerant vendors that they may not enter upon the premises, and any such entry in defiance of this request may subject the itinerant vendor to prosecution under 17-A M.R.S.A. § 402.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 2, 5-5-1998]
A violation of section 14-102, 14-106 or 14-107 is a civil violation for which a fine as provided in section 1-14 may be adjudged.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 2(i), 5-5-1998]
No itinerant vendor shall operate or attempt to sell, door-to-door, any merchandise, goods, or services within the City without first having obtained a written itinerant vendor's permit from the City Clerk.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 3, 5-5-1998]
In order to obtain a written itinerant vendor's permit, an applicant must provide and attest to the following:
The name and local and permanent business address of the applicant.
A statement of all judgments secured or outstanding against the applicant arising out of sales to consumers during the two years immediately prior to the making of the application. Further, the applicant shall provide a statement of any criminal convictions of the applicant.
The applicant is responsible for informing the City Clerk of any changes in the information required by this section.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 4, 5-5-1998; amended 12-3-2013]
Upon application for an itinerant vendor's permit, each person shall pay the sum of $25. A renewal of the permit may be obtained for an additional $10.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 5(i), 5-5-1998]
Upon receipt of the information required by 14-103 and upon receipt of the required application fee, an applicant may receive an itinerant vendor's permit.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 2(ii), 5-5-1998]
Every itinerant vendor shall have a valid permit as required by this division in his immediate possession at all times when engaging in door-to-door solicitation, and shall present the permit for inspection upon request of any person.
[Ord. No. 69-1998, § 2(iii), 5-5-1998]
An itinerant vendor's permit shall be valid for a period of 30 days. A renewal permit may be obtained if the renewal fee, as required by section 14-104, is paid and the statement required by section 14-103 is made within the time during which the prior permit is valid. Each renewal permit is valid for 30 days from the date of the expiration of the prior permit.