City of Trenton, MO
Grundy County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to committee on public works of city council generally, §105.030(B)(2); as to board of public works generally, §§115.010 et seq.; as to control of board of public works over city-owned utilities, §115.040; as to superintendent of Trenton municipal utilities generally, §§115.150; as to buildings generally, ch. 500; as to electricity generally, ch. 510; as to garbage and refuse generally, ch. 240; as to corrupting or diverting water supply, §215.190; as to plumbing generally, ch. 525.
[R.O. 2011 §700.010; Ord. No. 2929 §1, 5-28-1980]
The waterworks and sewerage system of the City of Trenton, Missouri, presently existing, and to be acquired or constructed shall henceforth be operated and maintained as a Combined Waterworks and Sewerage System, and said combined system shall include all future improvements and extensions, whether to the waterworks or to the sewerage system, or both, and the powers and duties respecting said combined waterworks and sewerage system, shall be vested in the Board of Public Works, hereinafter referred to as "Waterworks".
[R.O. 2011 §700.020; Ord. No. 92-18 §1, 6-24-1992]
The policy of the City of Trenton, Missouri, is hereby established prohibiting the sale, supplying, or furnishing of light, power, water, or sewage services from or produced by any electric light or power plant, waterworks or sewage system or appurtenances thereto owned or operated by the City of Trenton, Missouri, to any person, persons, firm, entity, partnership, public or private corporations, or political subdivisions, for use outside the corporate limits of the City of Trenton, Missouri, except as provided by written contract authorized and approved by the City Council for the City of Trenton, Missouri.
[R.O. 2011 §700.030; CC 1967 §16-66; CC 1975 §18-1]
Any person who shall destroy, tear up or otherwise injure any sewer, gutter, trench or channel dug, made or used for the purpose of carrying off water or draining any street, thoroughfare or other place within the City, or who shall fill up or otherwise obstruct the free passage of water through any such sewer, gutter, trench or channel, shall be deemed guilty of an ordinance violation.
[R.O. 2011 §700.040; CC 1967 §16-75; CC 1975 §18-2]
Any person who shall trespass upon the dam or embankment enclosing any of the City waterworks reservoirs by being upon the same, or walking, riding or driving over the embankment or running up or down thereon, and any person found skating or attempting to skate on such reservoir, or hunting or attempting to hunt thereon, shall be deemed guilty of an ordinance violation.
[R.O. 2011 §700.050; CC 1975 §18-3]
The compensation of the employees of Trenton Municipal Utilities shall be fixed from time to time by the City Council.
[R.O. 2011 §700.060; CC 1967 §20-28; CC 1975 §18-16]
No water meter or electric power meter shall be used to furnish more than one (1) building, unless express consent is given by the Board of Public Works to the contrary.
Any person who shall in any manner violate the provisions of this Section, and any person who aids or assists therein, shall be guilty of an ordinance violation.
[Ord. No. 2013-18 §1, 4-22-2013]
Each year the Board of Public Works shall transfer funds to the General Fund of the City of Trenton, Missouri an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the charges for services from the electric (less street lighting revenue), water and wastewater funds as stated in the most recently completed audit of Trenton Municipal Utilities. Said transfer shall take place within thirty (30) days after the beginning of the new fiscal year, commencing with the 2013 — 2014 fiscal year. The Finance Committee of the City of Trenton shall earmark and apportion those funds according to the needs of the City of Trenton.