Town of Mansfield, MA
Bristol County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Mansfield 5-19-2015 ATM by Art. 21. Amendments noted where applicable.]
A board, committee, or officer having charge of any work, the payment for which is in any part to be voluntarily contributed by private parties, shall not perform said work until a sum estimated by such board, committee, or officer to be sufficient to cover that part of said work has been deposited with the Town Treasurer.
Whenever it shall be necessary to execute any deed conveying land or any other instrument required to carry into effect any vote of the Town, the same shall be executed by the Select Board members or by a majority thereof in the name of and under the seal of the Town, unless the Town shall otherwise vote in a special case.
The Select Board members shall have full authority as agents of the Town to institute and prosecute suits in the name of the Town and to appear and defend suits brought against it unless it is otherwise specially ordered by a vote of the Town.
The Select Board members shall cause the appearance and answer of the Town to be entered and made in all suits brought against the Town at law or in equity and the interests of the Town to be defended therein. They shall consider all claims against the Town for damages or breach of contract and may, with the advice of counsel, settle the same, provided that in no way shall a settlement be made in excess of $2,000 without authority from a Town Meeting.
The Town Clerk shall have custody of all deeds and instruments conveying an interest in real estate to the Town. They shall keep a true copy of all deeds and conveyances from the Town. They shall also keep for convenient use true copies of all plans and layouts for streets, underground utilities, and certificates of takings by eminent domain.
It shall be the duty of the Town Clerk to see that every conveyance to the Town of any interest in land is properly recorded in the Registry of Deeds.
The Town Clerk shall provide and have in readiness for use at Town Meetings a sufficient supply of "Yes" and "No" ballots. These ballots shall not be distinguished from each other in size, shape, color, paper or ink or in the size and style of type.
The Treasurer shall receive, hold, receipt for, invest, and pay out upon the orders of the Select Board members any funds, monies, or securities paid to them under the provisions of MGL c. 114, § 19, or acts in addition thereto to be given herefore, in the following form, viz:
Mansfield, MA:
Received of
(Name of Depositor)
the sum of
(number) dollars.
This sum is given in trust to the Town of Mansfield as a permanent fund. The same is to be deposited in some reliable institution of savings, and a separate account of it kept on the books of the Treasurer and reported each year in this annual report. No part of this principal sum can ever be expended; the interest accruing or so much thereof as is needed is to be drawn and expended under the direction of the Select Board members, annually, in caring for lot owned (by name of burial ground or cemetery). The portion of interest unexpended will remain to the credit of this account and can be used in any year when deemed necessary.
Dated this ________ day, __________________ A.A. ____________________________________ under the seal of said Town and signed by its Treasurer.
  Treasurer of said Town
The Collector of Taxes is authorized to use all means of collecting taxes which a town treasurer may use when appointed a collector of taxes.