Town of Mansfield, MA
Bristol County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the prior bylaws have been included in the 2015 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Chapter/Title From Prior Bylaws
Location in 2015 Code
General Provisions
Ch. 1, Art. I
Ch. 1, Town Meeting
Ch. 60
Ch. 2, Duties of Officials and Officers
Secs. I through IX
Ch. 40
Sec. X
Ch. 18, Art. I
Sec. XI
Ch. 18, Art. II
Sec. XII
Ch. 18, Art. III
Ch. 3, Storage of Flammables
Ch. 115
Ch. 4, Annual Report
Ch. 49
Ch. 5, Streets and Sidewalks
Secs. I through IX and XI
Ch. 189
Sec. X
Ch. 176
Ch. 6, Police Regulations
Secs. I through X
Ch. 154
Sec. XI
Ch. 81, Art. II
Sec. XII
Ch. 207, Art. III
Ch. 110, Art. I
Sec. XIV
Ch. 207, Art. IV
Sec. XV
Ch. 143
Ch. 7, Junk Dealers
Ch. 128
Ch. 8, Dog Restraint
Ch. 89
Ch. 9, Swimming Pools
Ch. 193
Ch. 10, Council on Aging
Ch. 7, Art. I
Ch. 11, Drinking in Public Places
Ch. 85
Ch. 12, Building Code Board of Appeals
Ch. 13, Restriction on Water Use
Ch. 214
Ch. 14, Fee Schedule for the Town Clerk
Ch. 105, Art. I
Ch. 15, Conservation Commission Rules and Regulations
Ch. 220
Ch. 16, Handicapped Parking Regulations
Ch. 207, Art. I
Ch. 17, Fee Schedule for the Sealer of Weights and Measures
Ch. 105, Art. II
Ch. 18, Mandatory Recycling
Ch. 180, Art. I
Ch. 19, Abandonment and Improper Storage of Vehicles
Ch. 207, Art. II
Ch. 20, Scenic Roads
Ch. 167
Ch. 21, Fire Department Regulations
Secs. A through I
Ch. 81, Art. I
Secs. I through VII
Ch. 94, Art. I
Ch. 22, Licenses and Permits
Ch. 136
Ch. 23, Littering
Ch. 180, Art. II
Ch. 24, Interest on Unpaid Utility Charges
Sec. I
Ch. 105, Art. III
Brownfields Tax Agreement
Ch. 18, Art. IV
Ch. 25, Stormwater Management Bylaw
Ch. 185
Ch. 26, Addressing of Buildings and Land
Ch. 94, Art. II
Ch. 27, In Building Radio Communications
Ch. 94, Art. III
Ch. 28, Audit Committee
Ch. 7, Art. II
Ch. 29, Sex Offender Residency and Safety Zone Bylaw
Ch. 171
Appendix - Enforcement
Ch. 1, Art. II
Zoning Bylaw
Ch. 230