City of Farmington, MO
St. Francois County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — License fee for pawnbrokers, §605.130.
For the purposes of this Chapter, the word "pawnbroker" shall mean any person engaged in the business of lending money on the security of pledged goods or engaged in the business of purchasing tangible personal property on condition that it may be redeemed or repurchased by the seller for a fixed price within a fixed period of time.
[CC 1984 §22-17]
Every person to whom a license shall be granted to carry on the business of a pawnbroker shall enter into a bond to the City, with good and sufficient security to be approved by the Mayor, in the penal sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), conditioned for the due observance of this Code and all ordinances that may be passed or be in force respecting pawnbrokers, at any time during the continuance of any such license.
[CC 1984 §22-18]
Every pawnbroker shall keep at his/her place of business a register in which he/she shall enter in writing a minute description of all property taken in, purchased or received, including any identification mark or serial number that may be in or upon any article, together with the time when the property is received and the name and place of business or residence of each such person leaving the property, giving the street and number if within the City; also, the amount loaned, the interest charged, and the time when the loan falls due. This register shall be a well-bound book and shall be kept clean and legible. The pawnbroker shall make these entries within one (1) hour after the receipt of or purchase of any property. Every entry shall be made in ink and shall not in any manner be erased, obliterated or defaced.
[CC 1984 §22-19]
Every pawnbroker shall give to each person who pledges property to secure a loan, or who leaves property with the pawnbroker for any purpose, a plainly written or printed ticket having upon it a full and perfect copy of all the entries required by this Chapter to be kept in the pawnbroker's register, and no charge shall be made for such receipt.
[CC 1984 §22-20]
It shall be the duty of every pawnbroker to make out and deliver to the Chief of Police every week a legible and correct copy of his/her register of all personal property or other valuable things received, deposited or purchased during the preceding calendar week, together with the time when received or purchased, and a description of the person by whom left in pledge or of whom the property was purchased; provided that no pawnbroker shall be required to furnish any such description of any property purchased from any manufacturer or wholesale dealer having an established place of business or of any goods purchased at open sale from any bankrupt stock or from any other person having a regular, established place of business, but any such goods must be accompanied by a bill of sale or other evidence of open and legitimate purchase and must, upon demand, be shown to the Mayor, the Chief of Police, any member of the Police force, the Sheriff or any Deputy Sheriff of this County.
[CC 1984 §22-21]
No pawnbroker shall receive by way of pledge or pawn any goods, articles or things whatsoever from any minor at any time nor from any person whatsoever between the hours of 8:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.