City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1996 Sch. IV; CC 1977 §§ 76.110 — 76.130; Ord. No. 615 § 1, 12-10-1979]
There is hereby established a Congested District in the City and the term "congested district" as used throughout this Title and in this Schedule shall be construed to mean that part of certain streets and contiguous territory with the following described boundaries, to wit: Beginning at the corner of Science and College Streets; thence east along College Street to Cuivre Street; thence north on Cuivre Street to Centennial Street; thence west on Centennial Street to Science Street; thence south on Science Street to the place of beginning, being the corner of Science and College Streets, including all streets and cross streets lying inside the above described boundary.
Congested District Designation Regulations
Direction of traffic around Courthouse Square. Vehicular traffic around the Courthouse Square shall proceed one-way only, that way being to the right or counter clockwise around said Courthouse Square.
Vehicles shall stop before entering Courthouse Square. Any driver of any vehicle shall, upon approaching the Courthouse Square, bring the said vehicle to a complete stop and shift gears before proceeding upon the Square.
Parking within Congested District.
A driver or operator of any vehicle parking same within the Congested District of the City shall park said vehicle as follows: said vehicles when parked around the Courthouse Square shall head said vehicle into the curb at any angle of forty-five degrees (45°) on either side of the street; on all other streets within the Congested District, the vehicle shall be parked with the right side thereof as close to the right-hand curb as possible, provided however, that there shall be no parking on the east side of South Court Street, along an area beginning eighty-eight (88) feet south of the intersection of Main Street and South Court Street and extending southerly along the east side of South Court Street for a distance of sixty (60) feet, except for the purpose of loading and unloading passengers and merchandise.
No vehicle, trailer or combination thereof the length of which is greater than twenty-five (25) feet shall be parked within the Congested District of the City of Bowling Green, Missouri, except on a temporary basis for purposes of loading or unloading cargo therefrom for delivery to property within the Congested District and in this event for no longer than one (1) hour.