City of Crystal Lake Park, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1995 §610.010]
The term "gross receipts", as used in this Chapter, means, with respect to any calendar period, the amount collected during such period by such person, firm, company or corporation from such business, excepting however, amounts collected from said City or any other governmental agency therein, less credits, allowances or refunds to customers actually credited, allowed or refunded during each such period on account of electricity actually sold or distributed during such period.
[CC 1995 §610.020; Ord. No. 72 §1, 9-2-1958; Ord. No. 233 §1, 7-7-1986]
Pursuant to Section 393.275, RSMo., as amended, the City hereby elects to maintain the business license tax rate applicable to every firm, person or corporation now or hereafter engaged in the business of supplying or furnishing of electricity or electrical services or power in the City of Crystal Lake Park, Missouri, at a rate of five percent (5%) of the gross receipts derived from such business within the said City.
[Ord. No. 495 §1, 2-1-2013]
The gross receipts tax imposed upon electric corporations, including, but not limited to, Ameren Missouri, pursuant to Section 610.020 of the Code of Crystal Lake Park shall be maintained at its existing rate of five percent (5%), despite the tariff increase awarded by the Public Service Commission to Ameren Missouri effective on January third (3rd).
[CC 1995 §610.030; Ord. No. 63 §2, 9-30-1957]
Every person, firm or corporation engaged in the business set forth in Section 610.020 in the City of Crystal Lake Park is hereby required to file with the City Clerk of said City on or before February 15, 1959, a sworn statement showing the gross receipts derived from the transaction of such business in the City from January first (1st) through December thirty-first (31st) and on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of February of every calendar year thereafter showing the gross receipts derived from such business during the preceding calendar year and at the same time pay to the City Collector the tax hereinbefore set forth. Gross receipts derived from the furnishing of such service to said City shall not be included in the foregoing statement, nor shall any tax be due on such gross receipts. The electric company shall have the privilege of crediting such sums as may be due hereunder with any unpaid balance due said company for electric service rendered or facilities furnished to said City.
[CC 1995 §610.040; Ord. No. 63 §3, 9-30-1957]
The City Clerk and such other persons as may be designated by the Board of Aldermen from time to time is and are hereby authorized to investigate the correctness and accuracy of the statement so filed and for that purpose shall have access at all reasonable times to the books, documents, papers and records of any person making such return in order to ascertain the accuracy thereof.
[CC 1995 §610.050; Ord. No. 63 §4, 9-30-1957]
Nothing contained in this Chapter shall be so construed as to exempt any person, firm or corporation to which this Chapter is applicable from the payment to the City of Crystal Lake Park of the tax which the said City levies upon the real or personal property belonging to such person, firm or corporation.
[CC 1995 §610.070]
All such persons, firms, companies or corporations mentioned in Section 610.020 on the request of any person shall remove or raise or lower its wires temporarily to permit the moving of houses or other bulky structures. The expense of such temporary removal, raising or lowering of wires shall be paid by the party or parties requesting such raising or lowering of wires and payment in advance may be required. Not less than forty-eight (48) hours' advance notice shall be given to arrange for such temporary wire changes.
[CC 1995 §610.080]
The right is hereby granted to all such persons, firms, companies or corporations mentioned in Section 610.020 to trim trees, brush or hedges upon and overhanging the streets, alleys, sidewalks and public places of said City, so as to prevent such foliage from coming in contact with electric wires and cables, all of said trimming to be done under the supervision and direction of the Board of Aldermen or of any City Official to whom said duties have been or may be delegated.