City of Hallsville, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 92 §1, 8-4-1975; Ord. No. 341, 12-11-2017]
The Hallsville public park shall be open for public use during the period from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise posted. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons (other than City personnel conducting City business therein) to occupy or be present in the City park during any hours in which the park is not open to the public unless permission for extended use has been obtained from the City Administrator or the Mayor.
[Ord. No. 92 §2, 8-4-1975]
Reservations for the use of park shelter houses and for special events must be made with the City Clerk of the City of Hallsville. Persons or associations using the shelter houses for special events or otherwise shall be responsible for all cleanup and any property damage.
[Ord. No. 92 §3, 8-4-1975]
Approval for the reservation of the park or park facilities for special use or events must be obtained from the Hallsville Park Board (made through the City Clerk of the City of Hallsville).
[Ord. No. 92 §4, 8-4-1975]
Cooking fires are permitted only in appropriate grills and fireplaces. All fires must be extinguished before leaving the park, and coals shall not be strewn or otherwise left on the ground, and must be disposed of in proper containers.
[Ord. No. 92 §5, 8-4-1975]
There shall be no littering of park property, and all litter and debris shall be placed in trash barrels provided for that purpose.
[Ord. No. 92 §6, 8-4-1975]
Any person found guilty of damage or destruction of park property, equipment, shrubbery, landscaping and trees, or any other park property shall be prosecuted in accordance herewith.
[Ord. No. 92 §7, 8-4-1975; Ord. No. 5.620(7)§2, 4-5-1982]
Possession or use of narcotics or controlled substances is prohibited on park property. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages is permitted by special permit only. The Park Board shall establish fees for use of the Hallsville Community Center and shall establish a specific fee for issuance of a special permit allowing consumption of alcoholic beverages only at the Hallsville Community Center. The Park Board shall also establish special permit fees for commercial usage of park property, which shall be in addition to the normal usage fees as established by the Park Board.
[Ord. No. 92 §8, 8-4-1975]
Any and all motor vehicles, horses or livestock are prohibited from being on park property unless authorized by the Hallsville Park Board in advance in accordance with the provisions herein provided for reserving the use of the park.
[Ord. No. 92 §9, 8-4-1975]
Any person found guilty of violating any of the provisions contained in this Article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to fine in a sum of at least ten dollars ($10.00) and not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00).
[Ord. No. 174 §§1 — 3, 4-6-1992; Ord. No. 346, 2-14-2018]
The Hallsville Community Center shall be available for use by any citizen or any local civic or non-profit organization; provided, however, that said person or group has obtained permission from the City Clerk for the use of the Community Center, and further provided that said use is lawful, proper and is conducted reasonably and in good taste.
No person or group shall be allowed to utilize the Community Center without having first paid to the City Clerk a non-refundable rental fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Local civic or non-profit organizations will pay a non-refundable rental fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).
In addition to the rental fee required by Subsection (B) hereinabove, a refundable deposit in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be paid to the Clerk to insure that the Community Center is returned to a clean and orderly condition after use by any person or group. The deposit shall be returned to the person or group after inspection of the Community Center by the City; provided, however, that the City shall utilize all or a portion of the deposit if necessary to clean and restore the Community Center to its prior condition. In the event the cost necessary to clean and restore the Community Center after use exceeds the amount of the deposit, the City shall determine the total cost of cleaning and restoration and present a bill for the balance due to the citizen or group renting the Community Center. The balance due shown on the bill shall be payable immediately.