City of Hallsville, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 55-A §2, 8-7-1995]
From and after the date of passage of this Article, all driveway culverts installed within the City of Hallsville, Missouri, shall, in all respects, comply with the following:
Prior to the connection of any driveway to a public street, the person desiring to make such connection shall contact the City's Superintendent of Public Works (hereinafter "Superintendent") to arrange an inspection in order to determine whether a driveway culvert shall be installed in order to provide proper stormwater drainage at the site of the proposed connection.
If, after inspection, the Superintendent determines that a driveway culvert is necessary to provide proper stormwater drainage at the site of the proposed connection, said culvert shall thereafter be installed in a timely manner, in accordance with the provisions of this Article.
Any such driveway culvert so installed shall be a minimum of twelve (12) inches in height and a minimum of twenty (20) feet in length, although the Superintendent may, at his/her sole discretion, require greater culvert height and/or length if the conditions existing at the site require.
Standards and specifications for approved culvert materials shall be established by the Superintendent, and shall be maintained in the office of the Hallsville City Clerk, where said standards and specifications shall be available to the public in written form during regular business hours.
The Superintendent is hereby expressly authorized to require the installation of a new and conforming driveway culvert at the connection of any driveway to a public street under the following circumstances:
The culvert existing at such location has been damaged or the flow of stormwater through such culvert has been substantially impeded by the accumulation of dirt, sand, gravel, debris or other materials; or
There is no existing culvert at the connection of a driveway to a public street and the Superintendent determines that the installation of a culvert is necessary to provide proper stormwater drainage.
Failure to abide by any lawful order of the Superintendent issued pursuant to the authority granted by this Article shall be deemed a misdemeanor, and the violator shall be subject to a penalty of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) upon entry of a plea of guilty or conviction of such offense.
[Ord. No. 96-B §2, 5-27-2006]
Upon acceptance by the Board of Aldermen of the City of Hallsville, Missouri, the date of said acceptance shall begin a period of no less than five (5) years in which the developer of said street shall be held accountable for the repair and or replacement of any damage or fault to said street.
The developer of said street shall submit proposed street names to the City of Hallsville and shall receive approval from the City for said name.
During the aforementioned period of time, the City of Hallsville shall provide seasonal maintenance to include snow removal from said street. At the end of the five-year period, upon recommendation by the City Administrator and/or Superintendent of Public Works, said street shall, upon majority vote of the members of the Hallsville Board of Aldermen, be accepted for maintenance by the City.
[Ord. No. 96-B §3, 5-27-2006]
The City of Hallsville and any designee thereof shall have the right of entry upon the property development to insure that the criteria required by the City is being met.
[Ord. No. 96-B §4, 5-27-2006]
All streets shall have a dedicated right-of-way, accepted by the Hallsville Board of Aldermen, with a minimum width of fifty (50) feet. Each area of development containing two (2) or more streets shall have at least two (2) distinct and accessible streets which provide ingress to and egress from such area.
The paved roadway of each street shall be curb and gutter with a paved surface between. The street width shall be thirty (30) feet from back-of-curb to back-of-curb. Each street shall conform to the street cross-section attached hereto and made a part thereof by reference. All streets shall drain properly with center-line grades ranging between eight-tenths percent (0.8%) and ten percent (10.0%). Street plans prepared by a duly licensed and registered engineer in the State of Missouri shall be submitted to the Public Works Superintendent for acceptance and recommendation to the Hallsville Board of Aldermen. No construction of any sort may be started prior to said acceptance by the majority of the members of the Hallsville Board of Aldermen. Good engineering practices acceptable in the area shall be used in the design and construction of all such streets.
[Ord. No. 96-B §5, 5-27-2006]
All streets shall drain to stormwater facilities designed to handle expected flows produced be a storm projected to occur on an average of once every five (5) years. Gutter flows shall be discharged to stormwater inlets conforming to standards attached hereto and made a part of this Article. Storm drainage channels shall be stabilized sufficiently to deter erosion and/or deterioration of the channel. Silt fencing is required during all phases of the construction/development stages of the project. All methods shall be those in compliance with local and State requirements. No stormwater (allowed entry in any way, shape or form) shall be allowed entry into the City Sanitary Sewage System.
[Ord. No. 96-B §6, 5-27-2006]
All water, sewer, gas, electric or other utilities shall be completed and installed underground before a permanent street surface is applied.
[Ord. No. 96-B §7, 5-27-2006]
All streets shall be constructed of either portland cement concrete (PCC); or PCC curb and gutter section with asphaltic concrete over a gravel base. The streets, curbs and drainage structures shall comply with the cross sections attached hereto and made a part hereof by reference, and shall comply with the material specifications accepted by the Boone County, Missouri, Road and Bridge Department for new streets and roadways, and as may be amended from time to time.
[Ord. No. 96-B §8, 5-27-2006]
Terminating streets shall either end in a permanent or temporary cul-de-sac. These culs-de-sac shall be required to have a minimum radius of thirty-eight (38) feet. This cul-de-sac area shall be inspected and approved by the Hallsville Public Works Superintendent. Dead ends shall only be allowed by approval of the Board of Aldermen and only when a temporary cul-de-sac is not feasible; and only with the knowledge that the dead end street is intended to allow for future development.
[Ord. No. 96-B §9, 5-27-2006]
The City Administrator, Public Works Superintendent or any other designee of the City of Hallsville shall have the right to stop work on any street found to not be in compliance with this Article and its attachments.
The aforementioned stop-work order, once issued and found to be a just cause, shall result in the Board of Aldermen requiring a bond in an amount to be specified by the Board upon consultation with the Superintendent of Public Works, to be deposited with the City. Only then or upon confirmation of specifications being met, shall the stop-work order be lifted and construction be allowed to continue.
Violation of this Article in whole or in any part thereof shall result in action being taken and shall result in a penalty of five hundred dollars ($500.00) per day for violation or continued non-compliance. A guilty finding in reference to the violation of this Article does not absolve the developer of the right of the City of Hallsville to require a bond as aforementioned.