Town of Lunenburg, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Lunenburg as Art. V of the Town Bylaws. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Excavations and earth removal — See Ch. 140.
Nuisances — See Ch. 176.
No person shall, within the limits of any street or highway in the Town, play at any game of ball or engage in any amusement, game or exercise interfering with the safe and convenient use of such streets or highways by travelers, except by the permission of the Selectmen.
[Amended 5-13-1987; 5-6-2017 ATM by Art. 34]
No person shall break or dig up the wrought part of any highway or street right-of-way, or place within the limits of any street or highway any obstruction or rubbish, stones, ashes, or any animal or vegetable substance or offal, or move any building into or along the same, without a license from the Selectmen, the Town Manager (or equivalent), or DPW Director or his or her designated agent.
No person shall tie any animal to any ornamental or shade tree, vine or shrub in any street or on any public land, or to any structure put up for the protection of the same, or shall otherwise willfully or wantonly injure or deface any public building or any public grounds.
No owner, or person having the care of any swine, sheep, horses, mules, or neat cattle, shall allow the same to go at large in any highway or public place in the Town, except under proper restraint.
No person shall make any indecent figures or write indecent or obscene words upon, or mar, disfigure or deface any fence, building or other public place within the Town; and no person shall behave in a disorderly manner, or use any indecent or profane language in any street, lane, alley or other public place in the Town, or near any dwelling house or obstruct the free passage of foot travelers on such sidewalk; and no person shall saunter or loiter in a street in such a manner as to obstruct travelers; but nothing in this section shall be construed to curtail, abridge or limit the right of opportunity to any person to exercise the right of peaceful persuasion guaranteed by MGL c. 149, § 24, or to curtail, abridge or limit the intendment of any statute of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Whoever violates any portion of this bylaw shall be punished by a fine of not more than $50 for each offense.
No person shall place any table, tent, booth, stall or other thing in a street, highway, sidewalk, or on any of the public grounds in the Town, for the sale of fruit, or any other things, without a license from the Selectmen.
No person shall wantonly injure, mar, deface, or destroy a fence, signboard, guidepost, guideboard, awning, lamp post, streetlight, or lantern in a street, highway or public place in the Town.
No person shall nail, post or paste any advertisement or notice upon a shade tree, bridge, fence, guide post, electric light or telephone pole in the Town, or erect any advertising signboard within the Town limits without permission from the Selectmen.
No person shall set out, suffer or cause to be grown at or near the line of intersecting public ways any trees, shrubs, or bushes in such manner, or to such height, as will constitute an obstruction to the vision of persons operating motor vehicles along such ways.
[Amended 4-1979]
No person shall drink any alcoholic beverage as defined in MGL c. 138, § 1, or possess an opened container full or partially full of any alcoholic beverage, while on, in, or upon any public way, upon any way to which the public has a right of access, in any place to which members of the public have access as invitees or licensees, in any park or playground, conservation area or recreation area, on private land or place without consent of the owner or person in control thereof. Any person convicted of violating this bylaw shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $200 for each offense.
[Amended 5-13-1987]
No person shall plow, shovel, or otherwise place snow, ice, and debris onto that portion of any public way which is open to travel. The punishment for violation shall be $50.
[Amended 5-14-1988 by Art. No. 55]
A permit is required to be issued by the DPW Director or his designated agent for improvements which increase the volume of surface water onto Town ways.
No person shall leave an unauthorized vehicle unattended within the limits of private ways furnishing means of access for fire apparatus to any building.