Town of Cumberland, RI
Providence County
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[Ord. No. 08-32, § 1, 9-17-2008]
Due to the increased use of the Town athletic facilities including Tucker field and all adjacent playing fields and tennis courts located on the east side of Mendon Road and north of Bruce Caldwell Drive in the vicinity of Cumberland High School, there is the necessity of establishing certain no parking restrictions to insure the safe passage of emergency vehicles. Therefore, the Town Council hereby deems the following measures necessary for the public health, welfare and safety in the vicinity of Tucker Field:
When signs are erected giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle at any time or at times clearly identified thereon, upon the following street, right of way or designated area of Town property:
Bruce Caldwell Drive, south side, from Mendon Road to the parking lot located to the south of Tucker Field.
The access road heading in a northerly direction from the north side of Bruce Caldwell Drive, east of the tennis courts and west of Tucker Field, and then in a westerly direction to the tennis courts and in an easterly direction to Tucker Field.
That certain rectangular area located on the easterly side of Mendon Road, south of the pedestrian bridge leading from the high school over Mendon Road to the easterly side of Mendon Road at that certain area marked for emergency vehicle access only.
The director of public works, or his/her designee, is hereby authorized to post "no parking" signs in those areas set forth in Subsections (a)(1) and (2) of this section and "No Parking Tow Away" signs in that area set forth in Subsection (a)(3) of this section.
[Ord. No. 08-32, § 1, 9-17-2008]
Vehicles parking in violation of this article will be subject to the schedule of fines set forth in Chapter 38 and shall be towed, if in violation of a properly posted "No Parking Tow Away" zone sign.