Village of Brewster, NY
Putnam County
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Definitions. As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any change in existing property lines between two or more adjoining properties, excluding the joinder or combination of one or more lots into a larger single parcel.
Submission requirements.
In order that the Planning Board may adequately understand the proposed lot line adjustment, the initial submission shall consist of eight copies of the following documents:
Application form.
Copies of all prior actions of the Board of Trustees, Zoning Board of Appeals, and any other county, state, or federal agency.
Copies of any restrictions or easements on the land (copy of deed).
Lot line adjustment plan. The lot line adjustment plan shall contain the information as outlined herein.
A short form environmental assessment form (EAF).
The review fee for lot line adjustment consideration in an amount as set forth by the Board of Trustees in the fee schedule.
An application for a lot line adjustment shall be submitted to the Secretary or Clerk of the Planning Board at least 14 days prior to a regular meeting of the Board accompanied by 10 copies of the items described in Subsection B(1).
A lot line adjustment plan shall not be considered complete until a negative declaration has been filed or until notice of completion of the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) has been filed in accordance with the provisions of the state environmental quality review act (SEQRA). The time periods for review of such plat shall begin upon filing of such negative declaration or such notice of completion.
Within 62 days of the receipt of a complete application, the Planning Board by resolution shall disapprove or approve, with or without modifications and/or conditions, and authorize the signing of the plat.
A conditional final approval of lot line adjustment plat shall expire within 180 days of the approval if the conditions of the approval have not been complied with. The signature of the duly authorized officer(s) of the Planning Board shall constitute final approval by the Planning Board of the plat. Final plat approval shall expire within 62 days of the signing of the plat unless such plat has been filed or recorded by the owner in the office of the County Clerk.
A lot line adjustment shall not result in additional lots, any lot becoming substandard nor increase/decrease of any lot by more than 20% or 20,000 square feet of its original lot area.
Lot line adjustments submitted to the Planning Board shall be drawn to a scale of not more than one inch equals fifty feet, submitted on uniform size sheets not more than 36 inches by 48 inches and shall show the following information:
Proposed project name or identifying title. (Must include "lot line adjustment" in the title.)
Date, north point, and scale.
Name, address, seal and signature of professional engineer or land surveyor preparing the plat.
A key map at a scale of one inch equals 800 feet, showing the relation of the portion to be subdivided to the entire tract and the relation of the entire tract to its neighborhood for at least 1,000 feet beyond its boundaries.
A legend, including names of all adjacent landowners and those within 500 feet of any property line; zoning district the site is located in with the requirements of said zone compared to the proposed standards, as well as the abutting zones in the subdivision; names and addresses of owner(s).
All proposed lot lines, dimensions in feet and the areas of all lots in square feet. Metes and bounds description of all proposed lot lines.
The location of proposed setback lines (setback envelope).
Existing or proposed covenants or deed restrictions applying to the site.
Location, composition, and approximate size of all monuments.
Signature block for Planning Board Chairman to endorse approved plat.
Label "old" and "new" property lines.
Location of all structures, wells, and septic systems.
Putnam County Department of Health approval.