Borough of Fox Chapel, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 6-16-1980 by Ord. No. 421]
When required to do so by this or another ordinance of the Borough, a developer which seeks tentative or preliminary approval of a plan encompassing only a portion of contiguous properties beneficially owned by or under option to the developer shall submit a master plan for all such contiguous properties as part of the developer's application for tentative or preliminary approval.
The application for master plan approval shall be filed with the Borough Manager or his designated representative in not less than eight copies and shall be accompanied by a fee as may from time to time be determined by the Council. It shall include the following documents.
A master plan at a scale no smaller than one inch equals 200 feet, drawn over a base map of existing conditions at least as thorough and detailed as the Topographic Base Map prepared by the Squaw Run Area Watershed Association, Inc., showing existing and proposed conditions within the contiguous property and within 100 feet of the tract, including the following:
The name or other identification of the land development; a location map sufficient to identify the contiguous properties within the Borough of Fox Chapel; the drawing number, date or other identification of the plan; scale and North point;
The names and addresses of the developer and the person or organization that prepared the plan;
The names of the owners of record of immediately adjacent properties;
Municipal boundaries, contiguous property boundaries, zoning districts, and zoning district boundaries;
Existing and proposed road, right-of-way and easement alignments;
Existing topography at contour intervals no greater than five feet and accurate to 1/2 the contour interval, approximate grading of proposed roads at the same contour interval, and approximate proposed boundaries of all clearing and grading;
Existing and proposed sanitary sewer alignments and treatment facilities, if any;
Approximate locations and dimensions of proposed parking areas;
The types and locations of proposed major facilities for control of erosion, sedimentation and stormwater, including storage basins and major conveyances;
The boundaries of proposed areas of undisturbed open space;
The types and purposes of proposed covenants or private deed restrictions, if any;
The boundaries and area of each proposed phase, and the relative sequence in which phases will be constructed;
The types, numbers and approximate locations of incidental recreational facilities in each phase;
The approximate boundary of each area within each phase in which one type of dwelling or one uniform mixture of types of dwellings will be located, and the proposed types and numbers of dwellings in each area;
The proposed amounts of common open space and undisturbed open space in each phase; and
The proposed type of development procedure for each area within the tract (conventional zoning, density development or planned residential development), the boundary of each area to which each procedure applies, and the size of each area within each phase.
If all or any portion of the land development is a planned residential development, a statement by the developer setting forth reasons why, in his opinion, the planned residential development would be in the public interest and would be consistent with the Borough Plan.
A notice of proposed land development and an environmental report as defined by the Natural Resources Ordinance (Chapter 363, Part 2).
Any additional documents that the developer may feel are necessary to explain the character and benefits of the proposed land development.
Tentative or preliminary action upon the plan for a portion of contiguous properties must include specific, express action upon the master plan for all contiguous properties.
If a master plan receives approval, the status of the master plan shall be as follows:
The approval shall be noted on the Zoning Map;
The approval shall not qualify the master plan for recording, nor shall it authorize development or the issuance of any building permits;
The master plan shall not be modified, revoked or otherwise impaired by action of the Borough pending an application or applications for tentative approval of one or more planned residential development plans or for approval of one or more preliminary plats of subdivision on the balance of the property shown on the master plan;
The application or applications discussed in Subsection B(3) immediately above shall be consistent with the tentatively or preliminarily approved master plan and with conditions on such approval (if any), and such applications shall be entitled to tentative or preliminary approval themselves if they are consistent with the master plan and with requirements for tentative or preliminary approval contained in Borough ordinances, which requirements go beyond features shown on the master plan.