Town of Norwell, MA
Plymouth County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where articles and sections of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations (2016) have been included in the 2019 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Article/Title From Bylaws, Rules and Regulations
Location in 2019 Code
Art. I, General Provisions
Ch. 1
Art. II, Town Seal
Ch. 12
Art. III, Acts of the Legislature Accepted by the Town
Division 1 (following Charter)
Art. IV, Town Meetings
Ch. 2
Art. V, Elected Town Officers
Ch. 3
Art. VI, Appointed Town Officers
Department of Finance
Ch. 7, Art. I
School Building Committee for the Construction Phase of Norwell 2001
Deleted; Committee disbanded
All other sections
Ch. 4
Art. VII, Contracts
Ch. 6
Art. VIII, Legal Affairs
Ch. 8
Art. IX, Records and Reports
Ch. 10
Art. X, Public Ways
Ch. 81
Art. Xa, Street Openings on Public Ways
Ch. 81
Art. Xb, Private Ways
Deleted 5-5-1994
Art. XI, Licenses
§§ 1, 2, 4 and 5
Ch. 9, Art. I
§§ 3 and 7
Ch. 9, Art. II
§ 6
Ch. 9, Art. III
Art. XII, Town Rules and Regulations
Ch. 10
Zoning Board of Appeals Rules and Regulations and General Information
Ch. 301
Community Preservation Committee
Ch. 4
Design Review Board
Ch. 4
Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places and Workplaces
Deleted 9-12-1994; see Ch. 41, Art. I
Sanitary Disposal of Sewage, Management of Private Water Supplies and Floor Drain Regulations
Ch. 304, Art. V
Massage Regulations
Ch. 304, Art. II
Permanent Drainage Committee
Ch. 308
Police Department Rules and Regulations
Deleted 5-12-2003, Art. 12
Taxi Rules and Regulations
Ch. 306, Art. I
Cemetery Rules and Regulations
Ch. 307
Board of Water Commissioners Rules and Regulations and Water Rates
Ch. 305
Water Use Restriction Bylaw
Ch. 42, Art. I
Art. XIII, Town Property
Ch. 11
Scenic Road General Bylaw
Ch. 83
Art. XIV, Traffic Rules and Orders
Ch. 306, Art. II
Art. XV, General Regulations
§§ 1 through 6
Ch. 45, Art. III
§ 7, Swimming pool enclosure regulations
Ch. 43, Art. III
§§ 8 and 9, Excavations
Ch. 43, Art. I
§ 10, Public consumption of alcoholic beverages
Ch. 45, Art. III
§ 11, Animal control
Ch. 45, Art. II
§ 12, Self-service gasoline stations
Ch. 9, Art. IV
§ 13, Groundwater protection regulations
Ch. 44, Art. I
§ 14, Alarm systems
Ch. 45, Art. I
§ 15, Restrictions on smoking in public places and workplaces
Ch. 41, Art. I
§ 16, Regulations for the sale of tobacco products
Ch. 41, Art. II
Youth Access to Tobacco Products Regulations
Superseded 3-31-2016; see Ch. 304, Art. III
§ 17, Storage of construction machinery
Ch. 43, Art. II
§ 18, American Flag
Ch. 11
§ 19, Marijuana not medically prescribed
Ch. 45, Art. III
Art. XVI, Removal of Soil, Loam, Sand or Gravel
Ch. 62
Art. XVI-a, Wetlands Protection
Ch. 61, Art. I
Wetlands Regulations
Ch. 303, Art. I
Art. XVII, Zoning Bylaw
Ch. 201
Art. XVIII, Consolidated Personnel Bylaw
Ch. 5, Art. I
Art. XIX, Town Landing Bylaw
Ch. 64, Art. I
Art. XX, Mooring Bylaw
Ch. 64, Art. II
Art. XXI, Stretch Energy Code
Ch. 43, Art. IV
Right to Farm Bylaw
Ch. 63