Town of Koshkonong, WI
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Koshkonong as Title 11, Ch. 1 and Secs. 11-2-1, 11-2-4, 11-3-1, 11-3-3, 11-3-4, 11-3-5, 11-3-7 of the 1996 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The following statutes defining offenses against the peace and good order of the state are adopted by reference to define offenses against the peace and good order of the Town of Koshkonong, provided the penalty for commission of such offenses hereunder shall be limited to a forfeiture imposed under the general penalty provisions of this Code of Ordinances. Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the statutes incorporated herein by reference are intended to be made part of this Code.
[Amended 3-13-2019 by Ord. No. 1]
Section 97.627, Careless Smoking.
Section 118.07, Safety Requirements.
Section 118.08, School Zones; Crossings.
Section 118.09, Safety Zones.
Section 118.10, School Safety Patrols.
Section 118.105, Control of Traffic on School Premises.
Section 118.11, School Fences.
Section 118.123, Reports and Records.
Section 118.163, Truancy.
Section 134.65, Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer License.
Section 134.66, Restrictions on Sale or Gift of Cigarettes or Tobacco Products.
Section 167.10, Fireworks Regulated.
Section 173.10, Investigation of Animal Cruelty Complaints.
Section 173.24, Reimbursement for Expenses.
Section 175.25, Illegal Storage of Junked Vehicles.
Section 254.92, Use of Tobacco Products.
Section 938.17, Jurisdiction — Civil Law and Ordinance Violations.
Section 938.343, Dispositions — Civil Law and Ordinance Violations.
Section 938.344, Dispositions — Intoxicating Liquor and Beer Violations.
Section 938.345, Disposition of Child Adjudged in Need of Protection.
Section 939.05(2)(b), Aiding and Abetting.
Section 939.22, Words and Phrases Defined.
Section 940.19(1), Battery.
Section 940.291, Failure of a Police Officer to Render Aid.
Section 941.01, Negligent Operation of a Vehicle.
Section 941.10, Negligent Handling of Burning Materials.
Section 941.12(2), (3), Interfering With or Failing to Assist in Firefighting.
Section 941.13, False Alarms and Interference with Firefighting.
Section 941.20(1), Reckless Use of Weapon.
Section 941.23, Carrying Concealed Weapon.
Section 941.235, Carrying a Firearm in a Public Building.
Section 941.35, Emergency Telephone Calls.
Section 941.36, Fraudulent Tapping of Electric Wires or Gas or Water Meters or Pipes.
Section 941.37(1), (2), Obstructing Emergency or Rescue Personnel.
Section 942.05, Opening Letters.
Section 943.01(1), Criminal Damage to Property.
Section 943.11, Entry Into Locked Vehicle.
Section 943.125, Entry Into Locked Coin Box.
Section 943.13, Trespass to Land.
Section 943.14, Trespass to Dwellings.
Section 943.145, Criminal Trespass to a Medical Facility.
Section 943.15, Entry Into Locked Site.
Section 943.20(3)(a), Theft of Property.
Section 943.21(3)(am), Fraud on Innkeeper.
Section 943.22, Cheating Tokens.
Section 943.23(5), Operating Vehicle Without Owner's Consent.
Section 943.34(1)(a), Receiving Stolen Property.
Section 943.37, Alteration of Property Identification Marks.
Section 943.38(3), Forgery.
Section 943.41, Credit Card Crimes.
Section 943.50(4)(a), Retail Theft.
Section 943.55, Removal of a Shopping Cart.
Section 944.15, Fornication.
Section 944.17, Sexual Gratification.
Section 944.20, Lewd and Lascivious Behavior.
Section 944.21, Obscene Material or Performance.
Section 944.23, Making Lewd, Obscene or Indecent Drawings.
Section 944.30, Prostitution.
Section 944.31, Patronizing Prostitutes.
Section 944.33, Pandering.
Section 944.36, Solicitation of Drinks Prohibited.
Section 945.01, Definitions Relating to Gambling.
Section 945.02, Gambling.
Section 945.04, Permitting Premises to be Used for Commercial Gambling.
Section 946.40, Refusing to Aid Officer.
Section 946.41, Resisting or Obstructing Officer.
Section 946.42(2), Escape.
Section 946.46, Encouraging Violation of Probation or Parole.
Section 946.69, Falsely Assuming to Act as Public Officer or Employee.
Section 946.70, Impersonating Peace Officer.
Section 946.72(2), Tampering with Public Records and Notices.
Section 947.01, Disorderly Conduct.
Section 947.012, Unlawful Use of Telephone.
Section 947.013, Harassment.
Section 947.06, Unlawful Assemblies.
Section 948.01, Definitions Relating to Crimes Against Children.
Section 948.09, Sexual Intercourse With a Child Age 16 or Older.
Section 948.10, Exposing a Sex Organ.
Section 948.11(1)(b), Exposing a Child to Harmful Material.
Section 948.21, Neglecting a Child.
Section 948.40, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child.
Section 948.50, Strip Search by School Employee.
Section 948.51(3)(a), Hazing.
Section 948.60, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Child.
Section 948.61(2)(a), Dangerous Weapons on School Premises.
Section 948.63, Receiving Property From a Child.
Section 951.01, Definitions Relating to Crimes Against Animals.
Section 951.015, Construction and Application.
Section 951.02, Mistreating Animals.
Section 951.03, Dognapping or Catnapping.
Section 951.04, Leading Animal from Motor Vehicle.
Section 951.05, Transportation of Animals.
Section 951.06, Use of Poisonous and Controlled Substances.
Section 951.07, Use of Certain Devices Prohibited.
Section 951.08, Instigating Fights Between Animals.
Section 951.09, Shooting at Caged or Staked Animals.
Section 951.10, Sale of Baby Rabbits, Chicks and Other Fowl.
Section 951.11, Artificially Colored Animals; Sale.
Section 951.13, Providing Proper Food and Drink to Confined Animals.
Section 951.14, Providing Proper Shelter.
Section 951.15, Animals; Neglected or Abandoned; Police Powers.
Applicable state statutes shall be followed regarding the discharge of firearms in the Town of Koshkonong. In addition, except for vermin control, no person shall discharge a firearm within or into any platted subdivision in the Town of Koshkonong.
Destruction of property. No person shall willfully injure or intentionally deface, destroy or unlawfully remove, take or meddle with any property of any kind or nature within the Town of Koshkonong and belonging to the Town or its departments, or to any private person, without the consent of the owner or proper authority.
Parental liability. Pursuant to § 895.035, Wis. Stats., the parents of an unemancipated minor shall be liable for the damage of property caused by the willful, malicious or wanton act of such child; such liability shall not exceed $5,000.
[Amended 3-13-2019 by Ord. No. 1]
No person shall leave or permit to remain outside of any dwelling, building or other structure, or within any unoccupied or abandoned building, dwelling or other structure under his control in a place accessible to children any abandoned, unattended or discarded freezer, refrigerator or other container which has an airtight door or lid, snap lock or other locking device which may not be released from the inside without first removing said door or lid, snap lock or other locking device from said ice box, refrigerator or container, unless such container is displayed for sale on the premises of the owner or his agent and is securely locked or fastened.
Damaging public property. No person shall climb any tree or pluck any flowers or fruit, wild or cultivated, or break, cut down, trample upon, remove, or in any manner injure or deface, write upon, defile or ill use any tree, shrub, flower, flower bed, turf, fountain, ornament, statue, building, fence, apparatus, bench, table, official notice, sign, bridge, structure or other property within any park or parkway, or in any way injure, damage or deface any public building, sidewalk or other public property in the Town.
Breaking of street lamps or windows. No person shall break glass in any street lamps or windows of any building owned or occupied by the Town.
In addition to the general penalty of this Code in § 1-3 or any other penalty imposed for violation of any section of this chapter, any person who shall cause physical damage to or destroy any public property shall be liable for the cost of replacing or repairing such damaged or destroyed property. The parent or parents of any unemancipated minor child who violates § 415-4 may also be held liable for the cost of replacing or repairing such damaged or destroyed property in accordance with the Wisconsin Statutes. Nothing in this Code of Ordinances shall prevent law enforcement officers from referring violations of the provisions of this chapter to the District Attorney's office in the interest of justice.