Town of North Brentwood, MD
Prince George's County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of North Brentwood as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 88.
[Adopted as Ch. VIII, Art. 1, Title 1, of the 1990 Code of Ordinances]
For the purpose of establishing rules and regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire or explosion, the Town of North Brentwood adopts as its Fire Prevention Code the provisions of the Fire Prevention Code, Abbreviated Edition, 1956, recommended by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, except such portions as are hereinafter deleted, modified or amended. Not less than three copies have been and are now filed in the Office of the Clerk of the Town of North Brentwood.
There shall be an Office of the Fire Official. Said Official and his term of office and duties shall be designated by resolution of the Mayor and Council.
[Adopted as Ch. VIII, Art. 2, Title 1, of the 1990 Code of Ordinances]
No fuel, shaving, wastepaper, trash or other combustible matter shall be burned in the open within the Town unless in the daytime, and at a distance of at least 25 feet from any building or other structure, or at a distance of not less than 15 feet from any fence, except the same be burned in a wire cage. All such fire shall be extinguished before sundown, by the person or persons making the same who shall be held responsible for any damage resulting therefrom.
No such matter described herein shall be burned in the streets, avenues, or alleys of the Town at any time.
No person shall discharge or fire any firecrackers, rockets, torpedoes, roman candles, or other explosive preparation, or sell any such fireworks within the Town.
All public garages and repair shops within the Town shall be fireproof. All private garages or other store rooms under any building used for human habitation wherein any motor or engine propelled by gasoline, coal, oil or other combustible material is kept shall be fireproof.
It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly give a false alarm or remove any fire apparatus or equipment belonging to the Town or to the Volunteer Fire Department of the Town of North Brentwood from its proper place except in the case of fire or other public necessity.
Any person or persons, or corporations engaged in conducting a hotel, boardinghouse, rooming house, restaurant or other business and the owner of every building within the Town where inflammable oil or other explosives are stored are required to keep and maintain on said premises a suitable fire extinguisher.
Any person violating any of the provisions of this article shall upon conviction be fined not more than $100 or in default thereof be imprisoned in the county jail not more than 25 days.