City of Edgerton, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 450, 1-6-2016]
The International Fire Code, 2012 Edition, as published by the International Code Council, Inc., including Chapter 80, Reference Standards, Appendix B, Fire-Flow Requirements for Buildings, Appendix C, Fire Hydrant Locations and Distribution, Appendix E, Hazard Categories, Appendix F, Hazard Rankings, Appendix G, Cryogenic Fluids, Weight and Volume Equivalents, Appendix H, Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP) and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements (HMIS) Instructions, and Appendix J, Building Information Signs, is hereby adopted by the City of Edgerton with the following portions being deleted, clarified, or amended.
Conflict. If any conflict should exist between the International Fire Code and this Chapter of the Edgerton Municipal Code, the Municipal Code of Edgerton will control. If any conflict should exist between the International Fire Code and any provision except this Chapter of the Municipal Code of Edgerton, or ordinance of the City of Edgerton, Missouri, the International Fire Code shall control.
Amendments to the Fire Code. The following sections of the International Fire Code will be amended as follows:
Subsection [A] 101.1, Title, is amended by adding the following: "City of Edgerton, Missouri."
Subsection [A] 105.4.1, Submittals, is amended. "The construction documents shall be prepared and stamped by a Missouri registered design professional" is added as the last sentence.
Subsection [A] 105.4, Construction Documents, is amended by adding a subsection 105.4.7:
[A] 105.4.7 ELECTRONIC: As-built construction documents. At the completion of construction and before a Certificate of Occupancy is granted the applicant shall submit a complete set of as-built documents to the fire code official on CD in PDF format.
Subsection [A] 105.6.20, Hazardous Materials, is amended to read: "An Operational Permit is required for using, dispensing, transporting, handling, and/or storing of extremely hazardous substances. 'Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) Facilities' are defined as facilities subject to the provisions of Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA TITLE III), Section 302, for storing, dispensing, using or handling listed chemicals in excess of their threshold planning quantities (TPQ) or in excess of the amounts listed in Table 105.6.20."
Subsection [A] 105.6.30, Open Burning, is amended to read:
[A] 105.6.30 Open Burning. An operational permit is required for the kindling or maintaining of an open fire or a fire on any public street, alley, road, or other public or private ground. Instructions and stipulations of the permit shall be adhered to. Applications for open burning shall be obtained and submitted to the Edgerton-Trimble Fire District, before the fire is set and shall be in such form and contain such information as required by the Fire Department. Require Missouri Department of Natural Resources approval and permit.
Subsection 108.1, Board of Appeals, is deleted in its entirety.
Subsection [A] 109.4, Violation Penalties, is amended to "shall be punishable as defined by the City of Edgerton."
Subsection [A] 111.4, Failure to Comply, is amended to read: "shall be liable as provided by the City of Edgerton."
Subsection 307.1.1, Prohibited Open Burning, is amended to read: "Open burning shall be prohibited when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous, including the use of airborne fireworks and paper lanterns."
Subsection 307.1.2, Meteorological Conditions, is added to read: "Open burning shall not be initiated until 7:00 A.M. or sunrise whichever is latest and shall be extinguished at 12:00 A.M. the following day. Burning shall be restricted to periods when surface wind speeds are 15 mph or less. Exception: (1) Fires in portable outdoor fireplaces to include Section 307.4.1 and 307.4.3; and (2) BBQ Grills."
Subsection 307.1.3, Commercial Open Burning Operations, is added to read: "All commercial open burning permits will be required to have an air curtain destructor and pit approved by the fire code official. Require MODNR approval and permit."
Subsection 307.4, Location, is amended to read: "The location for open burning shall not be less than one hundred (100) feet from any structure or public roadway, and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within one hundred (100) feet of any structure or public roadway."
Subsection 307.4.1, Bonfires, is amended to read: "Bonfire dimensions shall not exceed 6 feet in diameter and 6 feet in height and shall be approved by the fire code official, and permit issued. Section 307.1.1 applies to Bonfires" is added to the last sentence of the subsection."
Subsection 307.4.2, Recreational Fires, is deleted in its entirety.
Subsection 307.4.3, Portable Outdoor Fireplaces, is amended to read: "Fires contained within commercially built outdoor fireplaces designed to prevent the spread of flames or embers are permitted on privately owned property of a one- or two-family dwelling for pleasure, cooking, warmth, or similar purposes. Outdoor fireplaces shall not be operated on or within 15 feet of combustible materials, decks or patios. Outdoor fireplaces may not be used for burning trash yard waste (other than small tree branches, cut/broken to fit in the fireplace), rubbish or similar material. Section 307.1.1 applies to outdoor fireplaces."
Subsection 307.4.3 is amended by deleting the exceptions in its entirety.
Subsection 503.3.1, Marking Requirements, is added to read: "The number and location of all signs shall be approved by the fire code official. In addition the curb or if absent the pavement shall be marked along the entire length shall be painted red with white 3-inch letters stating FIRE LANE NO PARKING. This marking shall occur no less than every 20 feet. However the presence of such markings is not a prerequisite to the enforcement of fire lane parking violations."
Subsection 505.1.1, Secondary Address Numbers, is added to read: "Multi-tenant buildings in which tenant spaces have secondary entry doors from the exterior facade of the building and have access adjacent to such door shall have approved numbers or addresses on or adjacent to each door. Numbers shall be a minimum of four inches in height."
Subsection 505.1.2, Exterior Door Markings, is added to read: "The fire code official may require buildings to have additional signage inside and outside exit and access doors that shall designate the doors by the letters 'FD' and then starting with the number 1 to be done in sequential order on additional doors."
Subsection 506.1, Where Required, to amended to read: "a. After "firefighting purposes," the following is added "all commercial and retail structures in the City of Edgerton shall install an approved Knox-Box® systems key box."
Subsection 507.5.2.1, Hydrants — color, is added to read: "507.5.2.1 Hydrants — Color. All hydrants shall be painted and highly visible. The barrels shall be Rustoleum safety yellow and the bonnets shall be according to the size of the water main, these color specifications shall be provided by the fire code official. Private fire hydrants hose connections shall be painted red in color. The fire code official shall be contacted before commencing painting for approval of color."
Subsection 509.1 is amended to read: "a. "Signs shall be identified by 3 - 4 inch letters on a contrasting background" is added after the last sentence."
Subsection 903.2.13, Buildings Storing Fireworks, is added to read: "All buildings that store fireworks shall be required to provide an ESFR fire sprinkler system. Exceptions: (1) Temporary tents that are placed for the purpose of selling fireworks during the periods described in the City of Edgerton Municipal Code; (2) Existing buildings storing fireworks that presently do not have a fire sprinkler system, until such time that they require 50% or more reconstruction as determined by the fire code official."
Subsection 903., System Zoning of Buildings, is amended to read: "Buildings that have or may have the potential to have multiple tenants are required to provide multiple zones to the sprinkler system so as to limit the impact on other tenants in the building. The fire code official working with the sprinkler contractor will determine the number of zones required" is added to the end of the subsection."
Subsection 903.4.2, Alarms, is amended to include "visual" after "audible" in first sentence.
Subsection 903.4.2.1 is added to read: "Notification devices: Where an automatic fire sprinkler system is installed in building, audible and visible notification appliances shall be installed throughout the building as follows: (1) Audible notification appliances shall be installed so as to be audible at 15 dBa above average sound pressure level throughout the building; (2) Visible notification appliances shall be installed in all public and common use areas, restrooms and corridors in accordance with the spacing requirements of NFPA 72; and (3) Visible notification devices can be eliminated in normally unoccupied portions of buildings where permitted by the fire code official. Exception: these requirements do not apply to Group R-3 occupancies."
Subsection 912.4, Signs, to amended to read: The first sentence is: "Fire department connections shall have a sign in an approved location by the fire code official. The six inch sign shall have a white background; have red letters 'FDC' four inches high, unless alternative signage is approved by the fire code official."
Subsection [B] 1006.3, Illumination Emergency Power, is amended by adding No. 6 Bathrooms and shower facilities."
Subsection [B] 1016.4, Roof Vent Increase, is added to read: "In buildings which are one (1) story in height, equipped with automatic heat and smoke roof vents complying with Section 910 and equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1, the maximum exit access travel distance shall be 400 feet (122 m) for occupancies in Group F-1 or S."
Subsection [B] 1027.5, Access to Public Way, is amended to read: "The second sentence is "The exit discharge to a public way shall be constructed of a hard surface, such as concrete or asphalt."
Subsection [B] 1027.5, Access to Public Way, is amended to read: "Exception: The area shall be constructed of a hard surface, such as concrete or asphalt."
Subsection 3103.2, Approval Required, is amended. "400 square feet" is changed to "200 square feet."
Subsection 3103.2, Approval Required, is amended by deleting Exception 2 in its entirety.
Subsection 3103.5, Use, is amended to read:
"180 days" is changed to "30 days."
"A temporary tent or structure may be erected on a single premises for more than 30 days pursuant to issuance of a Special Use Permit" is added to the subsection.
Subsection 3103.7, Inspections, is amended. "30 days" is changed to "10 days."
Subsection 3103.8.2, Location, is amended. Exceptions 1 and 2 are deleted.
Subsection 3103.8.6, Fire Break, is amended. "12 feet" is changed to "20 feet."
Subsection 3103.12.2, Number, is amended. "One exit" is changed to "two exits."
Subsection 3104.7, Open or Exposed Flame, is amended to read:
"20 feet" is changed to "50 feet."
"To include smoking materials" is added.
Subsection 3104.8, Fireworks, is amended. "100 feet" is changed to "300 feet."
Subsection 3104.15.3, Location, is amended. "10 feet" is changed to "50 feet."
Subsection 3104.15.6, Outdoor Cooking, is amended. "20 feet" is changed to "50 feet."
Subsection 3104.16.2.1, Containers 500 Gallons or Less, is amended. "10 feet" is changed to "50 feet."
Subsection 3104.16.2.2, Containers More than 500 Gallons, is amended. "25 feet" is changed to "50 feet."
Subsection 5001.5.1, Hazardous Materials Management Plan, is amended to read: "Condition No. 10 is added: "shall have a twenty-four-hour seven-day a week Emergency Response contractor or team under contract to respond to environmental emergencies. A copy of the contract or qualifications of team shall be provided each year as well as emergency contact information for said contractor or team."
Violation. A violation of this Section will be an ordinance violation, punishable by a fine and/or probation as determined by the municipal judge.
Effective Date. This Section will be effective thirty (30) days after it is passed by the Board of Aldermen and signed by the Mayor.