City of Edgerton, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1986 § 43.010]
These regulations shall apply to all subdivisions of land, and resubdivisions of land, located within the incorporated areas of the City of Edgerton. No building permit shall be issued for any parcel of land which was created by a subdivision of land after the effective date of these regulations, not in conformity with the provisions of these regulations.
[CC 1986 § 43.020]
No plat of a subdivision of land or resubdivision of land in the City of Edgerton, Missouri, shall be effective until approved by the Board of Aldermen and signed by the Mayor of the City of Edgerton.
[CC 1986 § 43.030]
Before any subdivision plat is signed or approved, all applicants shall be required to either complete all street, sanitary, and other improvements, including installation of water lines, fire hydrants, and sidewalks, and to dedicate all such improvements to the City free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, or the Board may, in its discretion, waive the requirements that the applicant complete and dedicate all public improvements prior to the signing of the subdivision plat and, as an alternative, the applicant post the bond at the time of application for Board approval of his/her plat, in an amount estimated by the Board of Aldermen as sufficient to secure to the City the satisfactory construction, installation and dedication of the incomplete portion of the required improvements. Such performance bond shall comply with the requirements of Section 89.410, RSMo., and shall be satisfactory to the City Attorney as to form, sufficiency and manner of execution. The period within which required improvements must be completed shall be specified by the Board of Aldermen in the resolution approving the subdivision plat and shall be incorporated in the bond and shall not in any event exceed two (2) years from the date of approval.
All required improvements shall be made by the applicant at his/her expense, without reimbursement by the City.
The performance bond shall not be released until certification by the City Engineer that all improvements have been completed, are ready for dedication to the City, are free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances, and that the applicant has supplied the City Engineer with a detailed as-built survey plat of the subdivision indicating location, dimensions, construction materials and the dimensions and other information required by the City Engineer of the layout of the line and grade of all public improvements.
The applicant shall be required to maintain all improvements in the subdivision, including snow removal of streets and sidewalks, water line repairs, and all other maintenance until acceptance of said improvements by the Board of Aldermen.
Where a performance bond has been required for a subdivision, no certificate of occupancy for any building in the subdivision shall be issued prior to the completion of the improvements and dedication of same to the City. No building permits shall be issued for the final ten percent (10%) of lots in the subdivision or the final two (2) lots of the subdivision, whichever is greater in number, until all public improvements required have been fully completed and dedicated to the City in accordance with this Chapter.
[CC 1986 § 43.040]
No subdivision shall be approved unless the area to be subdivided shall have frontage on and access from an existing street. Where an existing half street is adjacent to a new subdivision, the other half of the street shall be improved and dedicated by the subdivider. Where a subdivision borders an existing narrow road, the subdivider shall be required to improve and dedicate at his/her expense such areas for widening or realignment of such roads. Such frontage roads and access roads shall be improved and dedicated by the developer at his/her own expense to the full width as required by these regulations. The developer shall provide at his/her sole expense paved access from the proposed subdivision to a route designated by the Board of Aldermen as a primary arterial route. Such access shall be improved to the full extent of these regulations and the existing width of the right-of-way.
All roads shall consist of a minimum of a right-of-way width of fifty (50) feet, and the minimum width of paved area shall be twenty-six (26) feet.
All new streets shall be paved with a minimum of four (4) inches of base asphalt, and two (2) inches of surface asphalt for a total depth of six (6) inches of asphalt. Wherever these regulations specify pavement on existing roads or streets, the pavement material shall be asphalt, and shall be applied at a minimum depth of three (3) inches of surface asphalt.
All roads shall be shouldered so as to drain water from the paved portion of the roadway.
[CC 1986 § 43.050]
The Board of Aldermen may, in its discretion, require the developer to install sidewalks for pedestrian travel along one (1) side of the street.
[CC 1986 § 43.060]
Expansion of the City's water supply distribution system shall be at the sole expense of developer, and shall be done in accordance with the rules and regulations of the City governing its water supply distribution system. In addition to those rules and regulations, developer shall install standard fire hydrants for fire protection, at intervals of not greater than five hundred (500) feet.
No owner, or agent of the owner, of any land located within the platting jurisdiction of the City, knowingly or with intent to defraud, may transfer, sell, agree to sell, or negotiate to sell that land by reference to or by other use of a plat of any purported subdivision of the land before the plat has been approved by the Board of Aldermen or Planning and Zoning Commission and recorded in the office of the Platte County Recorder unless the owner or agent shall disclose in writing that such plat has not been approved by such Board or Planning and Zoning Commission and the sale is contingent upon the approval of such plat by such Board of Aldermen or Planning and Zoning Commission. Any person violating the provisions of this Section shall forfeit and pay to the City a penalty not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300.00) for each lot transferred or sold or agreed or negotiated to be sold; and the description by metes and bounds in the instrument of transfer or other document used in the process of selling or transferring shall not exempt the transaction from this penalty. The City may enjoin or vacate the transfer or sale or agreement by legal action, and may recover the penalty in such action.