City of Edgerton, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1986 § 110.010]
The Superintendent of Streets and Public Utilities shall supervise all municipal utilities, and shall be empowered himself/herself or by a designated employee to conduct any meetings or hearings with users of municipal services pursuant to this Chapter.
[CC 1986 § 110.020]
The City shall furnish utility service from any of its utilities to customers only upon the expressed conditions precedent that the City will not be liable to consumer or other person for an inconvenience, delay, injury, loss or damage whatsoever, occurring by reason of derangements, stoppage, leak, fault or negligent construction or operation of any of the utility equipment apparatus, distribution means, pipes or lines, or by reason of the temporary shutting off of any of the utility services to clear or repair the same or for any other purpose, or by reason of the scarcity or insufficiency of the particular utility service supply, or the character or condition of the water or electricity supply, or by reason of the clogging or freezing of the mains or service pipes, or the disruptions of distribution due to weather or other acts of God; nor shall the City be liable for the expense of repair of any service, pipes, mains or lines not owned by the City. The City reserves the right at any time to restrict the use of any utility service for any and all purposes. The Superintendent of Streets and Public Utilities may, if he/she determines it necessary, impose a system of rationing or otherwise restrict the delivery of any or all utility services to a consumer.
[Ord. No. 18-012, 1-5-2020]
The tenant or other occupant of any premises receiving utility services from the City, together with the owner of said premises, shall be jointly and severally liable to pay for such services rendered on such premises and all penalties and deposits thereon assessed except as limited and under such conditions as established below:
If the tenant or other occupant of the premises receives the billing, when the tenant or other occupant is delinquent in payment for thirty (30) days, the City shall make a good faith effort to notify the owner of the premises receiving such service of the delinquency and the amount thereof.
Any notice of termination of service shall be sent to the tenant or other occupant and the owner of the premises receiving such service, if such owner has requested, in writing, to receive any notice of termination and has provided the entity rendering such service with the owner's business address.
The provisions of this Section shall apply only to residences that have individually metered City utility services. In instances where several residences share a common utility meter or utilities connection, the owner of the real property upon which the residences sit shall be liable for utility expenses.
The provisions of this Section shall not apply to unapplied for utility services. As used in this Subsection, "unapplied for utility services" means services requiring application by the property owner and acceptance of such application by the City prior to the establishment of an account. In such case, the property owner will be billed directly for the services provided and, as a result, any delinquent payment of a bill becomes the responsibility of the property owner rather than another tenant or occupant.