Village of Fultonville, NY
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Fultonville 8-20-2018 by Res. No. 08-02-2018. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Whenever any water meter bills shall remain unpaid for the space of 60 days after the same shall have become due and payable, the Village Clerk shall, at the expiration of said 60 days, report all such cases of nonpayment to the Board of Trustees.
Upon failure of the property owner to pay the metered water bill within the payment period, a penalty of 10% per month, compounded, shall be charged for additional months thereafter where the account is delinquent.
When the property owner fails to pay the metered water bill within 90 days, the Village Clerk shall send a certified shutoff notice to the property owner stating that, if the bill is not paid, water service will be shut off in approximately 30 days by the Water Department. The cost of sending these notices and publishing the notices in the newspaper will be charged to the delinquent user.
Approximately two weeks before water service is shut off, the Village Clerk will publish, in the Recorder, the names and addresses of all property owners who are subject to water service shutoff.
The Code Enforcement Officer, at the direction of the Mayor, will post a notice of evacuation on all doors at the property subject to water shutoff at least 72 hours before the water service is shut off.
Within 72 hours after water service is shut off, the Water Department will notify the Clerk's office, the Fire Department, Code Enforcement, and the Department of Public Works of the addresses of any buildings which have had their water service shut off.
The Village Counsel will take any appropriate legal action to recover monies owed to the Village for water service provided but not paid for.
Should the water service be turned off for nonpayment, a reconnection charge of $30 will be assessed by the Village Clerk against the property owner and will be due when paying the delinquent water bill. No water service will be reconnected until all water charges and fees are paid in full at the Village Clerk's office.
All water bills will be mailed to the property owners, or tenants when specified. Water service charges are the responsibility of the property owner.
When the supply of water to any premises or any part thereof is turned off at the direction of the Mayor, no person shall reconnect the water service without the written permission of the Mayor.
Whenever water has been turned off by the Water Department pursuant to this article for nonpayment of water meter bills, no person shall turn the same on again unless authorized by such Mayor, and any person so turning on such water without such permission shall be guilty of misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $500.
The Mayor, in behalf of the Village of Fultonville, is empowered and directed to abate and terminate any and all unauthorized use of Village water facilities and services in accordance with the terms and provisions of this article.
Any tap-in or connection with a Village water line which has not been made pursuant to or in accordance with a resolution or ordinance of Board of Trustees of the Village of Fultonville is hereby declared by this Board of Trustees to be an unauthorized tap-in and connection, constituting an unauthorized use.
The Code Enforcement Officer is empowered and directed to forthwith serve written notice, either by personal service or certified mail, upon each and every person, firm or corporation found by the Village Clerk to be an unauthorized user, directing the unauthorized user to disconnect, on or before the expiration of 60 days from the service of said notice, any and all water lines which, directly or indirectly, connect with a Village line.
This resolution is not intended to preclude any unauthorized user served with said written notice from applying to the Board of Trustees for its permission, approval or consent to the use of Village water; provided, however, that any such application is made within 30 days from the date of service of said written notice.
Any person, firm or corporation who shall tap on to any portion of the waterline or water system of the Village of Fultonville without having first received proper authorization by the Mayor therefor shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $500.
Any person, firm, or corporation who shall use any water outlet facility, such as hydrants, but not limited thereto, for the unauthorized taking of water without proper authorization and permission or without payment shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. The person, firm, or corporation shall receive written notice giving two weeks from date of notice to comply. Failure to comply will result in a fine not to exceed $500 per month until proof that the issue has been remedied to the satisfaction of the Water Superintendent.
[Amended 9-17-2018 by Res. No. 09-01-2018]
Additionally, should Village officials find it necessary to inspect the water meter equipment within a Village residence/business, notification of compliance to this request will be made by a tag placed on the residence/business. Resident/business will have one week from the date on the tag to comply. Failure to comply will result in the assessment of an administrative fee of $250 added to the resident/business quarterly/monthly water/sewer bill.
Any authorization for the use of water from hydrants or otherwise on a temporary basis shall be in writing, signed by the Mayor. The term of validity of such license shall not extend beyond a period of one month from the date of execution.