Borough of Point Pleasant, NJ
Ocean County
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[Ord. #368, S 79-1; Ord. #390, S 79-1]
There are hereby established places of resort for public health, recreation, bathing and entertainment, bathing and recreational facilities, safeguards and equipment in this Borough on lands owned by this Borough fronting on the Manasquan River at four (4) locations, to wit:
At the foot of River Avenue.
At the foot of Maxson Avenue.
Adjacent to the parking lot of the Point Pleasant Hospital.
At the foot of Richard Road.
[Ord. #368, S 79-2]
The places of resort for public health, recreation, bathing and entertainment shall be maintained by this Borough.
[Ord. #368, S 79-3]
The Borough shall acquire, construct, use and maintain safeguards, equipment and facilities as shall be necessary in the proper establishment and maintenance of the places of resort for public health, recreation, bathing and entertainment. The Borough shall have the right and authority to purchase, rent or otherwise acquire lifeboats, ropes, poles and other safeguards, recreational facilities and equipment for the recreation, protection and safeguard of human beings at the places of resort while bathing or otherwise at the places of resort.
[Ord. #368, S 79-4]
The Borough shall engage, hire and pay such lifeguards and such other personnel as shall be required for the proper maintenance of the place of resort.
[Ord. #368, S 79-5]
The Borough shall have the right to police the place of resort and to hire, engage and pay such police officers and policemen as shall be necessary for the proper policing of the places of resort.
[Ord. #368, S 79-6]
The Borough shall have the right to:
Protect the places of resort and the lands thereof from erosion, encroachment and damage; and
Construct and maintain public walks and approaches thereto.
[Ord. #368, S 79-7; Ord. #688, S 4; Ord. #812, S 1]
In order to provide funds to improve, maintain and police the places of resort and to protect the same from erosion, encroachment and damage, and to provide facilities and safeguards for public bathing and recreation, including the employment of lifeguards, the Point Pleasant Recreation Commission shall be authorized to establish reasonable fees for the access to beach and bathing facilities.
In exchange for the fee established by the Recreation Commission, every individual will receive a permit. Each permit issued hereunder shall be evidenced by a button, ticket, coin, or a badge, as may be determined by the Recreation Commission. Such permit, in whatever form it may evidenced, shall not be transferable. Same shall be permanently displayed on each person's bathing suit or other attire at all times while present at the bathing beach.
On each public beach, the Recreation Commission shall designate areas to be utilized for protective bathing, fishing and other activities.
The Recreation Commission shall designate the hours of each day when the beaches shall be open to the public at which time the permit required hereinunder shall be required.
[Ord. #368, S 79-8]
No person shall do any of the following things at or upon the place of resort for public health, recreation, bathing and entertainment:
Throw, drop, discard or leave any wastepaper, garbage or other refuse; or sell, peddle or hawk any food, drink of confections.
In any way litter, make unsightly, damage, destroy or disfigure the beach or any public or private property.
Make any loud noise, sound or music to the annoyance of any other person.
Disrobe, dress or undress on the beach or parking lot or in automobiles.
Use load, profane or indecent language.
Play ball or any other game or engage in any activity which will endanger another person or interfere with the enjoyment of the quiet use of the beach or the place of public resort by another person.
Conduct or engage in any beach party, picnic or similar outing on the beach without first obtaining a permit therefor. Intoxicating liquor shall not be taken upon any public beach.
Take, permit or allow his/her dog to be or go upon the Sbeach, or in the water at the public beach, or upon any public boardwalk except from the Tuesday after Labor Day through the Friday before Memorial Day.
[Amended 10-26-2020 by Ord. No. 2020-10]
Go into the water or remaining in the water at any beach when:
It is unsafe to do so.
Directed by public lifeguard to come from the water.
Shall molest or disturb any person in the peaceful enjoyment of the beach, boardwalk or bathing facilities.
Do anything which shall endanger the life or safety of himself or any other person.
Dump or throw garbage or other refuse in water at the bathing beach.
Go out in water at bathing beach:
Farther than directed by public lifeguard; or
In violation of reasonable order of lifeguard when safety of bather is or may be endangered by going in water.
Refuse or neglect to obey the orders and directions of public lifeguards as to time, place and distances for bathing.
Interfere with or obstruct a police officer or lifeguard in the performance of his duty.
No person shall operate a privately owned beach buggy or other motor vehicle on beach at any time.
Launch or operate any boat or other craft in the area set aside for bathing purposes.
[Added 2-25-2019 by Ord. No. 2019-05]
The Borough acknowledges the legislation adopted by the New Jersey Assembly and Senate and signed by Governor Phil Murphy, thereby amending and supplementing N.J.S.A. 26:3D-56.
The Borough intends to coordinate with the aforementioned legislation in order to permit any potential violations to be prosecuted in the Borough Municipal Court.
Smoking shall be defined as follows: "Smoking" means the burning of, inhaling from, exhaling the smoke from, or the possession of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco or any other matter that can be smoked, or the inhaling or exhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device.
Smoking is prohibited in an indoor public place or workplace or at a public park or beach, owned, operated or maintained by the Borough except as otherwise provided in this subsection.
The Borough, by subsequent resolution which may be modified from time to time, is permitted to reserve and designate an area as a smoking area, not to exceed 15% of the total area of the beach. Enforcement of this subsection shall be undertaken by the Borough, Board of Health, or Borough Police Department, and prosecuted in the Point Pleasant Municipal Court.
[Ord. #368, S 79-9]
All provisions of this Section shall be applicable to and shall pertain to the beaches of the Borough hereinabove noted and such other beaches as may be designated by the Mayor and Council.