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Borough of Little Ferry, NJ
Bergen County
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[1982 Code § 227-1]
As used in this section:
Shall mean the Health Officer or other officials authorized by the Board of Health, Police Department, Construction Official and subcode officials to enforce this section.
Shall mean and include and covers an individual, firm, corporation, association, society, partnership and their agents or employees.
[1982 Code § 227-2; New]
Except for animals now being maintained or kept within the Borough limits by owners registered within thirty (30) days of passage of this section, no new animal, in accordance with paragraph b., shall be kept or maintained on a temporary or permanent basis within the Borough limits that is not considered a domesticated animal, except on such locations as shall be of at least five (5) acres in coverage and be zoned for agricultural uses.
Animals specifically to be excluded from the Borough include chickens, ducks, turkeys, monkeys, snakes, skunks, mink, foxes, pigeons, poultry, cattle, chinchilla, goats, guinea hens, swine, hogs, horses, ocelots, sheep and any animal that can be deemed dangerous to humans if such animal escapes from captivity or can spread disease, except for domesticated animals that are kept as pets.
[1982 Code § 227-4]
Any person now maintaining or keeping animals referred to in subsection BH1-2b must register them with the Secretary of the Board of Health, Borough of Little Ferry, within thirty (30) days after passage of this section. (BH1-1 was adopted March 19, 1981)
[1982 Code § 227-3]
Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction in the Municipal Court, be liable for a fine not to exceed five hundred ($500.00) dollars or imprisonment in the County jail for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days, or both.