Borough of Haworth, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 779 § 16.701]
No billboard, signboard or advertising sign shall be permitted.
A "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign is permitted which shall not exceed four square feet in area.
One sign showing the name and profession of the owner or occupant of the premises whereon the sign is placed shall be permitted as an accessory use. This sign shall not exceed 10 inches in height nor 18 inches in length.
No sign in a residential zone shall be illuminated.
[Ord. No. 779 § 16.702]
No signs or advertising devices shall be permitted on the exterior of any building in the business zone except signs referring to the premises upon which they are displayed or to the services rendered therein.
No sign shall extend further than 15 inches from the face of the building upon which it is attached, provided, however, that where a sign extends more than three inches from the face of the wall, the bottom of the sign shall not be closer than 10 feet from the ground level below the sign.
No business establishment shall be permitted more than one wall sign, except that uses located on corner or through lots shall be permitted one wall sign for each facade facing a public street. The total sign area for the sign or signs permitted on the face of any wall shall not exceed 10% of the area of the face of the wall upon which such sign or signs are attached, nor shall the length of said sign or signs shall exceed 60% of the width of the wall on which it is located. Such a sign shall not exceed 50 square feet. The maximum height of any wall sign shall not exceed five feet.
Window and door signs shall be permitted at all business establishments provided the signs cover no more than 20% of the window or door area. In no case shall neon signs be permitted.
In addition to other permitted signs, banks shall be allowed two signs indicating the availability of automatic teller machine services, provided neither sign exceeds six square feet in area and all such signs are facade mounted.
[Added 4-28-2020 by Ord. No. 20-04[1]]
No temporary signs shall be permitted to hang across Schraalenburgh Road and Sunset Avenue. This prohibition shall not apply to Borough departments or Borough committees and commissions (as listed on the Borough website).
Temporary signs shall not be permitted on Borough property provided that the following temporary signs shall be permitted subject to the enumerated standards and requirements:
Railroad Crossing: Haworth Borough departments and Haworth committees/commissions and Haworth community organizations (civic, educational, charitable, religious) shall be permitted to install temporary signs at one of the two open spaces at the railroad crossing located on Haworth Avenue provided:
The signs shall be made of flexible material or coroplast (no wood or metal signs).
Dimensions may be no larger than 36 inches wide by 36 inches long with grommets 30 inches apart on the top and bottom edges suitable for hanging.
The applicable organization seeking placement of the sign shall call or email the Borough Administrator to request permission to hang the sign.
Upon receiving written permission from the Borough Administrator to hang the sign, the organization shall deliver the sign to the Haworth Department of Public Works (DPW) 10 business days prior to installation.
Signs shall be removed by the DPW and will be available for pick up at the DPW yard located at 261 Park Street during their business hours or as arranged by the Superintendent of the DPW and the organization. Signs not retrieved by the organization within 72 hours shall be discarded by the DPW unless an alternate arrangement is made with the Superintendent of the DPW.
If there are more than two organizations requesting to hang signs at the same time, signs shall be displayed according to the date of the event promoted with earlier calendar dates taking precedence. If the dates are the same, the posts will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Other Municipal Property:
Traffic, parking and/or directional signs relating to Haworth town-wide, date-specific events sponsored by Haworth Borough departments, commissions, committees and/or community organizations shall be permitted subject to the following conditions:
Said signs are displayed within 24 hours of a Haworth community event and are removed promptly following the event and no later than six hours following the event.
Such signs shall be no larger than 18 inches in length by 24 inches in width and be staked using metal, plastic or wooden stakes.
Offensive Signage: The Borough retains the right to remove any sign with offensive language or imagery.
Editor's Note: Section 2 of this ordinance stated "Any person, firm or entity convicted of violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be subject to such fines and penalties as set forth in § 1-5 of the Borough Code and within the discretion of the Municipal Court Judge."