Town of Watertown, MA
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1982 Code, Ch. VI, § 4]
The Water Department shall be under the charge and control of the Town Manager who shall have full power over and control of all matters relating to the public water supply of the town; provided, however, that all water service shall be metered, except water used by the Fire Department for fire fighting purposes.
[1982 Code, Ch. VI, § 5]
The Town Manager shall make rules and regulations or orders for the introduction, use and government of the public water supply as they deem proper or expedient for the interests of the town. The water shall not be introduced or supplied to any building or premises except upon the written application to, and in the form prescribed by the Town Manager, by the owner thereof, or by a duly authorized agent. The rules, regulations and orders as the Manager shall make shall be considered as a part of the contract with every person who takes the water and every person, by taking the water, shall be considered to have expressed his or her assent to be bound thereby. The principal water rates, rules, regulations and orders for the introduction, use, and government of the water supply shall be published by being printed upon the water bills of the Department.
[1982 Code, Ch. VI, § 6]
Domestic water bills shall be billed and payable semi-annually. There shall be a fixed minimum rate charged for meter service. The rate for manufacturers and other large consumers shall be due and payable quarterly on the first day of March, June, September and December of each year. All water passing through the meter shall be charged for, whether used or wasted. If the meter is out of order or fails to register, the average consumption as shown by the meter when it was in order shall be charged. The service pipe from the sidewalk stopcock shall be laid by the section to the inside of the cellar wall or other place desired and the expense thereof shall be paid before the pipe is laid. The estate shall in all cases be chargeable with the expense of the service pipe inside of the sidewalk stopcock, and also with the water rates and with the payments and penalties for violation of any rules, regulations or orders relating to the water supply.
[1982 Code, Ch. VI, § 7]
The construction and location of private hydrants, yard pipe and other fixtures designed for fire purposes shall be subject to the approval of the Water Department and no charge shall be made for water used from hydrants, automatic sprinkler or standpipes in or upon the premises of a manufacturing establishment for fire purposes exclusively, and no fire pipes shall be used for any other purpose.
[1982 Code, Ch. VI, § 8]
Water used by the various town departments, excepting water for fire purposes, shall be charged to the respective appropriations of the departments.
[1982 Code, Ch. VI, § 9]
All bills for the use of water shall be committed by the Town Manager to the Town Collector for collection.