Township of Deerfield, NJ
Cumberland County
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[Amended 7-15-1992 by Ord. No. 1992-3]
The head of the Bureau of Treasury will be the Township Treasurer. He shall be appointed by the Township Committee to serve for a term of one year. The Township Treasurer shall:
Reserve funds entrusted to or under the control of any department and deposit all funds received by him in depositories authorized by the Township Committee by resolution.
Have custody of all investments and invest funds of the Township or in the possession of the Township in a fiduciary capacity, except as otherwise provided by law, and keep such funds and all moneys of the Township not required for current operation safely invested or deposited in interest-bearing accounts.
Make disbursements of Township funds upon approval by the Township Committee as required by the purchasing section of this chapter[1] and make further disbursements as may be permitted and authorized under other applicable sections of this chapter.
Editor's Note: Currently, see Ch. 25, Purchasing Procedures.
Keep a full account of all cash receipts and disbursements by the Bureau and provide the Township Committee upon its request with a statement of all moneys received and expended by the Bureau.
[Amended 7-15-1992 by Ord. No. 1992-3]
All cash receipts and payments to the Township shall be received and accounted for by the Township Clerk, including but not limited to any license, permit and inspection fee.
[Added 2-15-1989 by Ord. No. 1989-3]
There shall be a Chief Financial Officer of the Township appointed by the Township Committee who shall serve at the pleasure of said Township Committee. The Chief Financial Officer may but need not be a person who is also employed by the Township in another capacity.
Duties of the Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer shall carry out the responsibilities set forth under P.L. 1947, c. 151 (N.J.S.A. 52:27BB-26 et seq.).
Compensation. Compensation for the Chief Financial Officer shall be established by ordinance. When the Treasurer is appointed to simultaneously serve as Chief Financial Officer, such person shall receive no additional compensation for serving as Chief Financial Officer beyond the salary established by ordinance for the Treasurer position.