Township of Lower Saucon, PA
Northampton County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Council of the Township of Lower Saucon 5-20-1998 by Ord. No. 98-17. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Junkyards and junk dealers — See Ch. 103.
Solid waste — See Ch. 135.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
The elimination of rodents or insects and other pest life from any structure, building, lot, parcel or premises through the use of methods of extermination approved by the Board of Health and subject to applicable laws relating to poisonous substances and fumigants.
Any condition which provides shelter or protection for rodents, insects or other pest life.
The owner or part owner of a building, lot or premises, whether an individual, partnership or corporation, the agent or occupant of a building, lot or premises or any person who has the use, custody or control of the same or any part thereof, whether an individual, partnership or corporation.
The treatment or sheltering, with material impervious to rodent-gnawing, of all actual or potential openings in the exterior and interior walls, ground or fist floors, roofs, foundations, basements, sidewalk gratings and other places that may be reached by rodents from the ground or by climbing or burrowing.
All structures, buildings, lots, parcels or premises within Lower Saucon Township shall be kept free from a condition conducive to rodent, insect and other pest life. The person in control shall not allow the accumulation of vehicles without current license plates or a current inspection sticker, garbage, refuse or any material which may afford harborage or provide food for rodents, insects or other pest life.
Whenever conditions inside or under unoccupied buildings or structures provide extensive harborage for rats, the Police Department is empowered and may, if said conditions are not corrected in a period of 60 days after written notification to the owner, request that the Township institute condemnation and demolition proceedings. The cost, including attorney's fees, of such proceedings is to be borne by the owner.
No person shall place food in the open for feeding any animal which would create a condition conducive to rodent, insect or other pest life. Unconsumed food shall not be allowed to remain where it is accessible to rodents, insects or other pest life.
Garbage and waste material shall be placed in nonleaking containers with tight-fitting lids and stored in such a manner as not to create an attraction or harborage for rodents, insects or other pest life.
When the Police Department notifies the person in control of a building or structure, in writing, that there is evidence of rat infestation on the premises, the person in control shall immediately institute rat-eradication measures and shall continuously maintain such measures in a satisfactory manner until the premises is declared by the Police Department to be free of rat infestation. Unless said measures are undertaken within five days after receipt of notice, it shall be construed as a violation of the provisions of this chapter, and the person in control shall be held responsible therefor.
When any building, structure, lot, parcel or premises is subject to infestation by rodents, insects or other pest life, the person in control shall apply continuous or repeated eradication measures, as required by the Police Department, until there is no evidence of infestation remaining.
No building or structure shall be demolished until the Police Department or its officer certifies to the owner and to the Township Council that the building or structure and premises are free from the infestation or rodents, insects or other pest life.
Whenever conditions inside, outside or under a building or structure or on any lot, parcel or premises provide harborage for rodents, the Police Department may require any one or more buildings or structures to be rodent-proofed.
The person in control of a building or structure or premises required to be rodent-proofed shall maintain the rodent-proofing in good repair. No person shall injure the rodent-proofing. When the rodent-proofing is injured in making alterations, installations, additions or repairs to the building or structure, the person in control shall restore the rodent-proofing in good condition.
This chapter shall be enforced by action brought before a District Justice in the same manner provided for the enforcement of summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure. Any person who violates or permits the violation of this chapter shall, upon conviction in a summary proceeding, be punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days. Each day or portion thereof that such violation continues, or is permitted to continue, shall constitute a separate offense. Each section of this chapter that is violated shall also constitute a separate offense.