Village of Atlantic Beach, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
This article shall be known as the "Plumbing Code Ordinance of the Village of Atlantic Beach."
No new plumbing or drainage work or extension of or alteration to existing plumbing or drainage installations shall be undertaken or performed hereafter, except in conformance with the provisions of this article and the Uniform Plumbing Code of the State of New York.
It shall be the duty of the Building Inspector, and he is hereby given the power and authority, to enforce the provisions of this article.
An Inspector of Plumbing may be appointed by the Board of Trustees to serve at its pleasure, and, if an Inspector of Plumbing is appointed, he shall serve under the immediate direction of the Building Inspector. If no Inspector of Plumbing is appointed, the duties and powers of the Inspector of Plumbing shall be performed by the Building Inspector, and references in this article to the Plumbing Inspector shall apply to the Building Inspector as if specifically named.
The Plumbing Inspector shall examine applications for permits, and, if the same are found to comply with the provisions of this article, a permit for the work specified shall be issued. He shall also examine all plumbing work as the same is being installed or performed to see that it complies with the provisions of this article and the conditions of the permit.
Whenever the Plumbing Inspector finds, upon examination, that a violation of a provision of this article or any unsafe or unhealthful condition exists, he shall endeavor to compel an immediate correction of the conditions. Failing in this, he shall make a report of the condition deemed to be unsafe or unhealthful or in violation of said code and deliver a copy of such report to the owner, agent or other person in charge of or in control of the premises and report such violation to the Building Inspector, who shall enforce the provisions of this article by appropriate remedies as provided by law.
The Building Inspector, in the discharge of his duties, shall have authority to enter any building, structure or premises at any reasonable hour. He shall also have authority to take samples and to make tests, and, in case any work may have been performed or covered without his inspection, he shall have the right to require the owner, architect, engineer or contractor to remove and demolish such work as may be necessary in order to permit the Building Inspector to make a proper examination and test.
The Plumbing Inspector shall keep a record of applications filed, permits issued, certificates issued and reports, notices and orders issued.
No person shall engage in the business of plumbing in the Village of Atlantic Beach or apply for a plumbing permit or supervise any plumbing work in the Village unless he holds, unrevoked and unsuspended, a license as a master plumber in the Village of Atlantic Beach.
The master plumber who applies for a plumbing permit or who supervises the work shall be personally responsible for the quality of the work and the competency of the workmen who perform the work. He shall not sign, authenticate or submit any application or act as agent for, or allow his name to be used by, any person who is not a master plumber or who does not hold a certificate of competency.
The Plumbing Inspector may suspend a Village of Atlantic Beach plumber's license or temporarily suspend the Village of Atlantic Beach plumber's license to perform work in the Village in case a violation of this article should occur in the course of the work. In such case, he shall report the matter to the Board of Trustees, at its next meeting and the Board of Trustees, at that meeting or at a subsequent meeting may, after giving the accused notice and an opportunity to be heard, continue the suspension for such period of time as it may determine or may permanently revoke the Village of Atlantic Beach plumber's license and the authority of the master plumber to engage in the work in the Village.
It shall not be lawful to install any new plumbing or drainage work in a building or structure or to extend or alter any existing plumbing or drainage work, whether such work is to be connected with the sewer or not, without first filing with the Building Department an application, in writing, and obtaining a permit. Such application and permit shall be in addition to any other application or permit required by Chapter 250, Zoning, or this chapter.
Such applications shall be made by a licensed master plumber on forms furnished by the Building Department.
The Building Department may require such application to be accompanied by plans when such are necessary for an intelligent understanding of the work applied for.
No changes shall be made in the specifications or plans for plumbing or drainage work after a permit has been issued, unless an amendment showing such changes has been made to the application and has been approved by the Plumbing Inspector and unless an additional fee for any additional work has been paid.
Repairs to existing plumbing and drainage may be made without filing an application and securing a permit, but such repairs shall not be construed to include new vertical or horizontal soil, waste or vent pipes; connecting additional fixtures to existing soil or waste pipes; main house drains; or the replacement of existing fixtures with others.
Domestic hot-water hookups made in conjunction with either new or conversion-type hand-fired or automatic fuel-fired installations shall require an additional permit applied for by a duly licensed plumber.
Every application shall be examined as soon as practicable after filing, and, if it conforms to this article, a permit for the work shall be issued.
Every such permit shall be signed by the Building Inspector.
Fees. The fee to be charged for applications, permits and inspection conducted pursuant to this chapter shall be established by resolution of the Board of Trustees. The current License Fee and Fee Schedule is on file in the Village Clerk's office.
Upon the completion of plumbing or drainage work for which a permit was issued under this article, the Plumbing Inspector shall inspect said work and shall issue a certificate of approval of said work if the work has been done in accordance with this article and other ordinances and local laws applicable thereto.
It shall be unlawful for an owner to use or permit the use of any plumbing or drainage until such certificate of approval has been issued by the Plumbing Inspector.
The owner of a building, structure or premises, or part thereof, where anything in violation of this article shall be placed or shall exist and any architect, builder, contractor, agent, person or corporation employed in connection therewith and who may have assisted in the commission of such violation shall each be guilty of a separate offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished as provided in § 74-11.
At the direction of the Board of Trustees by duly passed resolution, or, in the event of emergency, at the direction of the Mayor, the Village Attorney may institute, in the name of the Village, any appropriate action or proceeding to prevent an unlawful erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, conversion, maintenance or use or to restrain, correct or abate a violation or to prevent an illegal act, conduct, business or use in or about any premises.
No omission or neglect of duty on the part of the Building Inspector or the Plumbing Inspector shall legalize the erecting, construction, alteration, removal, use or occupancy of a building or structure that does not conform to the provisions of this article.
Before beginning work on a house sewer, notice shall be given to the Plumbing Inspector. No work shall be covered until it has been inspected and approved by him.