Town of Farmington, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 3-12-1974 by Ord. No. 70]
For the purposes of this article, the following terms, phrases and words shall have the meanings given herein:
The Water Pollution Control Authority of the Town of Farmington.
That part of the lowest horizontal piping of a drainage system which receives the discharge from soil, waste and other drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and conveys it to a point such distance outside the inner face of the building wall as specified by the Building Code of the State of Connecticut.
The Conservation Commission of the Town of Farmington.
The sewer pipe from the main sewer in the street to the property line.
Human and animal excretions and all domestic and such manufacturing wastes as may tend to be detrimental to the public health.
[Amended 7-28-1992]
Includes the main pipe or conduit, manholes and other structures and equipment appurtenant thereto provided to carry sewage.
Includes the sewer, laterals, house connections, pumping stations, rights-of-way, sewage treatment system and other structures, land and equipment necessary to provide a complete and efficient system.
The Town of Farmington or any of its officers or agencies serving in an official capacity.
The Town Plan and Zoning Commission of the Town of Farmington.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 83, Building Construction, Art. II.
If in the opinion of the Authority a subdivision can be connected to the existing sewer system, said subdivision shall not be approved by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission unless the developer has executed with the Authority a permit agreement calling for installation of a sewer system and connection to the existing sewer system.
No subdivision located within an area for which the Authority has a sewer plan shall be approved by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission until the developer has executed with the Authority a permit agreement as hereinafter provided, unless such requirement is waived by the Authority as provided in § 156-14 below. Any such permit agreement shall provide for installation of a sewer system by and at the expense of developers and as further provided below:
The developer shall install not only the sewer but also the lateral from the sewer to the property line. In the case of new street construction, the developer shall make such installation before surfacing of the street is commenced.
When an owner of any lot or his agent applies for a building permit, the Building Official shall require, as a condition of the issuance of such permit, that said owner or agent show on the plot plan the layout of the future connection from the lateral to the building drain, including the elevation of the lateral at the street line, the elevation of the finished first floor and/or cellar floor and the elevation of the building drain to which the future house connection would be made.
The developer shall cap all open ends of the sewer system and shall, along with completed as-built plans of the sewer system, provide exact ties and elevations so that the capped ends can be readily located.
The Town shall provide elevations at each point where the sewers are capped, and the developer shall design and build the sewer system to these elevations. The Town shall provide design capacities for the sewers.
Where topography prevents installation of the sewer within the street, the developer shall install the sewer within rights-of-way that shall be deeded to the Town and of adequate width as determined by the Town.
If a pumping station is deemed necessary by the Authority to serve the subdivision, the Authority shall require either that the developer install said pumping station and appurtenant equipment therefor or that the developer deposit with the Authority a sum sufficient to defray the cost of constructing, equipping and installing said pumping station. The amount of this deposit shall be based on engineers' estimates approved by the Authority. It may be in the form of cash or a savings account assignment to be deposited with the Town Treasurer, and it shall be used only for the construction, equipping and installation of the pumping station at such time as the sewer system becomes active.
The developer shall not be required to include as part of the capped sewer system construction any pipes, pumping stations or other appurtenances which would be required for or would serve areas outside of the subdivision in question, unless provision is made for giving the developer a credit for the cost of such items in excess of the cost of the system required for the subdivision in question.
No subdivision within an area for which the Authority has a sewer plan and for which a permit agreement has been waived under § 156-14 hereof shall be approved by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission until the Authority has approved a design of the sewer system serving said subdivision or has waived the requirement therefor pursuant to § 156-14 below. Said design shall be prepared by the developer at his expense, shall conform to accepted engineering practices and existing installation requirements and shall provide for an economical and effective future installation of the sewer system. Any rights-of-way called for by such design as approved by the Authority shall be deeded to the Town of Farmington.
The Authority may grant relief from any of the requirements imposed by §§ 156-11, 156-12 and 156-13 above if it determines that the need for the construction or design of sewers is impractical or remote, taking into consideration the date upon which the sewers might be connected to the Town sewer system, the estimated cost of construction and the anticipated need for sewers within the subdivision; provided, however, that the construction of sewers shall not be required within an area to which connection to the Town sewer system is not anticipated for more than 10 years.
Such need shall be determined after consideration of all available information, including the report or opinion of the Town Sanitarian, any reports or environmental impact studies of such proposed subdivision performed or submitted by the Conservation Commission and any report or evidence submitted by the developer of such proposed subdivision.
The Authority may establish and publish guidelines and procedures to be used in determining such need and may amend the same from time to time as necessary.
[Amended 5-11-2010]
A connection charge may be established as a provision of the permit agreement calling for the installation of the sewer system, except that the amount of such charge shall not be stated nor shall it become due until the sewer system in the development is connected to the public sewer system. The Authority shall, within 30 days from the date of its approval of the permit agreement, cause a caveat warning of said charge to be prepared and recorded on all lots contained within said development.
At such time as a sewer system constructed by a developer pursuant to a permit agreement is connected to the public sewer system, the developer shall pay a fee consisting of the sum of $1,000 for each approved residential dwelling to be serviced by the sewer system constructed by the developer. Said fee is intended to represent the costs associated with the preliminary sewer plan review and the preliminary engineering review of such sewer system. The developer shall pay such sum to the Collector of Revenue of the Town of Farmington, the collecting agent for the Water Pollution Control Authority and the Town of Farmington, and the sum collected shall be turned over by said Collector of Revenue to the Treasurer of the Town of Farmington and deposited in the sewer fund, which shall be separate from other funds of the Town of Farmington.
In lieu of private sewage disposal systems, the developer may, subject to the approval of local and state authorities, build and install a mechanically operated sewage treatment unit which, subject to appropriate guaranties, shall be accepted, operated and maintained by the Town and to which the sewer system shall be connected. Said unit shall revert to the developer at such time as it is discontinued. The developer may, subject to the approval of state and local authorities, install a community septic tank and disposal system.
If a developer subdivides lots fronting on an existing Town road, the Authority may waive the requirement of installation of a sewer system serving such lots if it finds such installation to be impracticable, provided that any easements necessary for future sewer installation are dedicated to the Town. The Authority may, by agreement with the developer, provide for immediate or future construction of the sewer system, either by the developer as provided herein with provision for reimbursement if other properties connect, by the Authority with the developer defraying his share and assessments against other properties deferred or by the Authority with the developer depositing with the Town in the form of cash or a savings account assignment of his share of the estimated cost, to be held by the Town for construction at some future date, or by some other reasonable and equitable method.