Township of Burlington, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Council of the Township of Burlington 5-28-1968 (Sec. 4:5 of the 1975 General Ordinances). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Hotels, motels and apartments — See Ch. 313.
Housing standards — See Ch. 318.
Land development — See Ch. 330.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 442.
Terms used in this chapter shall have the meanings indicated below:
A strictly residential dwelling containing two or more dwelling units, exclusive of that of the owner-occupant, each unit of which has its self-contained separate and individual bathroom and kitchen and is rented and used for only one family occupancy.
The Board of Health of the Township of Burlington.
Any establishment, building, dwelling house, or house or building partly used for dwelling purposes, insofar as used for dwelling purposes, but not including an apartment house, where (exclusive of the owner or operator and his family) two or more persons are harbored, received, boarded, lodged or permitted to remain overnight for monetary consideration, hire or in payment of services as transient or otherwise, or for other consideration.
Any act or omission prohibited by this chapter or any act or omission dangerous, unsafe or detrimental to the public health or having a tendency to create, invite, aggravate, or spread illness, disease or sickness.
Any person, firm, corporation, agent or officer thereof who owns, operates or is in charge of any boardinghouse, rooming house, lodging house, tenement house or furnished rooms, and any person who makes an application for the license set forth in this chapter.
Any house, building or part thereof, used or to be occupied by a family in addition to the owner or his family, with each family living independently of each other, but without each family unit having its separate and self-contained or individual water closet, bathroom, hot and cold running water or kitchen.
The enforcement official designated to enforce the provisions of this chapter shall be the Board of Health of the Township of Burlington.
The provisions of this chapter apply to boardinghouses, rooming houses, lodging houses, tenement houses and furnished rooms in the Township of Burlington.
No building in the Township of Burlington shall be used both as a boardinghouse or tenement house and an apartment house (exclusive of those buildings where one apartment is used by the owner or operator and the rest of the building is used as a tenement or boardinghouse).
No person shall operate any boardinghouse, rooming house, lodging house, tenement house or furnished rooms without first obtaining a license from the Burlington Township Board of Health. A written application shall be submitted and a fee of $5 paid for such license, which license shall be renewed annually upon payment of like fee, unless revoked by the Board for sufficient cause. The annual term of each license shall be for the calendar year or the unexpired period of the calendar year. The license shall be displayed in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises. All licensees shall keep a book of registry, which shall show all tenants who occupied or who are currently occupying the premises as lodgers, boarders or roomers and the date each tenancy commenced and terminated.
The operation, conduct, management of a boardinghouse, rooming house, lodging house, tenement house or furnished rooms shall not be under the management, control or supervision in whole or part of any person convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or suffering from a contagious or venereal disease, unless such person does not live in or have his abode on the premises and does not physically enter thereupon.
Running water and facilities. Every occupant shall have made available to him in the building where he has a room or rooms, at all times, a reasonable amount and sufficient supply of cold running water which can be turned off by the user, adequate water closet facilities and an adequate bathtub or shower room. Such facilities shall be maintained in reasonably good and safe condition by the owner. There shall be at least one toilet or one water closet plus one bathtub or shower room or combination for every six boarders, roomers or occupants in each building.
Sink facilities. There shall be provided at least one sink or washbasin, supplied with hot and cold running water and kept in reasonably good condition and repair by the owner, for every six roomers or boarders, who shall have reasonable access thereto at all times.
Good order required. All plumbing and heating and drainage pipes, apparatus and facilities shall be kept in good, adequate and sanitary working condition.
Rain accumulation. No owner shall cause or permit or suffer water or rainfall to accumulate upon any rooftops, porches, cellars, basements, ceilings or floors or upon the grounds whereon the building is situated, exclusive of a properly constructed swimming pool or fish pond, natural streams or lakes.
Ceilings, roofs, walls and windows. All buildings shall have airtight and have watertight roofs, ceilings, walls and windows.