Township of Wayne, NJ
Passaic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: 1988 Code §§ 57-1 — 57-7 adopted as amended through December 31, 2013. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The purpose of this chapter shall be to require the clear display of building numbers to the public streets for all properties that contain principal buildings within the Township of Wayne in order to assist the general public, police, fire and ambulance personnel in identifying any property in case of an emergency, as well as for the welfare of the general public in conducting their normal affairs.
All buildings or structures located within the Township of Wayne shall be numbered in accordance with the numbers on the Township of Wayne Tax Map. It shall be the duty of all property owners who construct or place any existing or future building upon any premises within the Township to forthwith have their buildings numbered in conformity with the numbers designated on the Tax Map of the Township and have the same displayed on said building as provided in this chapter.
It is hereby declared a violation of this chapter to use any number on any building unless it is the number designated for use on the Township maps for that particular location of any such building.
The owner, occupant or agent of an owner or occupant shall place or cause to be displayed upon each house or building controlled by him/her the number or numbers assigned to the lot upon which it is located by the Township of Wayne Tax Map.
The numbers used shall be Arabic, not less than 3 inches in height and should be made of durable and clearly visible material; the numbers shall be legible and maintained in good order at all times. Roman numerals or script may supplement this requirement but shall not be deemed a substitute for compliance.
The numbers shall be conspicuously placed on the building facade parallel to the street immediately above or within 10 feet of either side of the main entrance to the building or over the garage door so that the number can be plainly read from the center line of the street in daylight by a person possessing at least 20/20 vision.
Whenever any building is situated more than 50 feet from the street line, the house number shall be displayed as provided in Subsection C, but the numerals shall be at least 5 inches in height.
If the number would not be visible due to the orientation of the house, the setback or other features of the building or site if it were displayed as provided above, then the number shall be placed near the walk, driveway or entrance to such building and upon a gate, post or fence so as to be easily discernible from the center line of the street. Such a display shall be no further away than 15 feet from the curbline. The bottom of such a display shall be no less than 30 inches above the level of the ground, nor shall the top of such display be more than 6 feet above the ground.
All numbers posted pursuant to this chapter shall be of reflective material or of sufficient visual contrast to the background material to be easily discernible at night with the aid of an emergency vehicle spotlight.
Where any building has more than one entrance serving separate occupants and a separate number has been assigned to each entrance serving a separate occupant, there shall be posted, as otherwise provided in this chapter, a numeral for each entrance.
Where any building or complex of buildings is so structured that all separate entrances serving separate occupants and the numbers assigned to them are not clearly visible from the center line of the street, then the number for each separate entrance shall be placed near the walk or driveway from the street to such separate entrance and upon a gate, post, fence or other appropriate place so as to be easily visible from the center line of the street. The height limitations on such a display shall be the same as those provided in § 57-4.
For all multifamily buildings having apartment doors opening on interior halls, each door shall have a number no less than two inches high affixed thereon; and hall entryways shall have on the exterior thereof a display indicating the sequence of apartments served by such entryway.
This chapter shall be enforced by the Construction Official of the Township of Wayne, who is empowered to order in writing the remedying of any condition found to exist in violation of any provision of this chapter.
The owner of a building or premises, if a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall have been committed or shall exist, or any other person who shall commit, take part, maintain or assist in any violation of this chapter, if the person so violating the same refuses to correct said violation(s) within one month after written notice has been mailed to him, shall, for each and every violation of the provisions of this chapter, be subject to the penalties prescribed in Chapter 1, Section 1-15, Violations and penalties.