Town of Wilton, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Wilton Town Meeting as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable..]
[Adopted 5-23-1966]
No person, firm or corporation within the limits of the Town of Wilton, excepting the Georgetown Fire District, and without a permit issued by the Fire Marshal or any deputy designated by him for such purpose, shall make or cause to be made any outdoor fire except as follows:
In a covered container with both the container and the cover constructed of incombustible material for the purpose of burning waste and materials outdoors. Said container shall be covered with a spark arrester. No hole opening in said container shall exceed one inch in length and one inch in width. In the event that said container has a draft door, it shall be covered by a wire mesh screen with openings no larger than 1/4 inch in length and 1/4 inch in width; or
In a fireplace or barbecue pit constructed of incombustible material; or
In an incombustible grill designed for the cooking of foods.
An application for a fire permit may be made orally and will be promptly granted or denied orally by the Fire Marshal or his designated deputy, and if granted will be logged, and if requested, confirmed in writing. An application may be denied as constituting a danger to public safety when, because of weather, wind, drought, type and condition of material to be burned, proximity of structures or combustible materials, availability of means of fire control or other environmental factors, or other good and sufficient reason, said fire would constitute a hazard.
No outdoor fire, of any type, except the type specified in § 15-1 above, shall be ignited within 15 feet of any structure or accumulation of combustible material; provided, however, that any outdoor fire ignited on other than a house lot shall be in an area from which all combustible material for a distance of 15 feet in all directions shall have been removed.
No fire for which a permit has been granted shall burn between midnight and sunrise unless specifically authorized in a written permit issued in accordance with this ordinance.
All permits granted orally shall terminate at 12:00 midnight on the day issued.
No permit shall be valid for more than seven days.
All permits shall be void when the weather is windy or the forest-fire danger, as given over the local radio or television stations, is "high" or "extreme."
Any permit may be revoked at any time, without prior notice, by the Fire Marshal or any deputy designated by him to issue such permits.
No person shall kindle or maintain a fire of any kind on any street, highway or sidewalk in the Town, nor shall any person leave any outdoor fire unattended.
Any person kindling or maintaining a fire under this ordinance shall in no way be relieved of any legal responsibility if the fire is allowed to escape or cause personal injury to or damage to property of others. Neither the Fire Marshal, any of his deputies or the Town of Wilton shall be liable for damages to the person or property of another resulting from a fire for which permission is given.
Any person violating any provision of this ordinance shall be fined not more than $25.
[Adopted 8-3-1964]
No person, firm or corporation shall accumulate or allow to be accumulated, any waste or materials on any premises after notice by the Fire Marshal or his deputy, that said accumulation constitutes a fire hazard dangerous to the public safety.
Said notice shall issue only after consideration of the following factors:
The type and condition of the accumulated waste or materials.
Weather conditions.
Possibility of spontaneous combustion.
The proximity of any such accumulation to structures or other combustibles.
The availability of means of fire control.
Any of the foregoing.
Said notice shall be in writing, signed by the issuing authority and shall state and date, time and reason for issuance, and the time in which said condition must be corrected.
If after the issuance of said notice, the person, firm or corporation responsible for said accumulation does not remove said accumulation or otherwise correct said dangerous condition within the time specified in said notice, then the issuing authority may have said accumulation removed at the expense of said person, firm or corporation and said person, firm or corporation shall be fined not more than $100 in addition to the cost of removing said accumulation.
Following enactment by the Town Meeting, this ordinance shall become effective 15 days after publication as specified under Title 7, Section 157, of the General Statutes of Connecticut.