Town of Coventry, RI
Kent County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[This chapter consists of certain Special Acts of the General Assembly relating to the Town and considered to be still in effect. Words appearing in brackets were added by the editor for clarity. The source of each section is indicated by the history note appearing at the end thereof in parentheses.]
Article I Validation of Charter

Sec. 1 Validation of election procedures.

Sec. 2 General validation.

Article II Fire District

Sec. 1 [Incorporation; boundaries.]

Sec. 2 [Qualifications of voters in meetings.]

Sec. 3 [Time of annual meetings; initial meeting.]

Sec. 4 [Election, terms, and general powers and duties of officers.]

Sec. 5 [Assessment and collection of taxes.]

Sec. 6 [Bylaws.]

Sec. 7 [Destruction of buildings to stop progress of fire.]

Sec. 8 [Hose and hook and ladder companies.]

Sec. 9 [Special meetings; notice of meetings.]

Sec. 10 [Enactment of laws.]

Sec. 11 [General authority with respect to water supply and streetlighting.]

Sec. 12 [Authority to acquire property.]

Sec. 13 Damaging, obstructing, etc., district property.

Sec. 14 [Liability for payment of water rents.]

Sec. 15 [Authority to enter, excavate, etc., streets for installation of lighting.]

Article III Fire Department

Sec. 1 [Authority to organize.]

Sec. 2 [Appointment, terms and compensation of officers and members.]

Sec. 3 [Purchase of equipment.]

Sec. 4 [Abolition of fire district taxes—Generally.]

Sec. 5 [Same—Affects only taxes for firefighting.]

Sec. 6 [Contracts with fire districts.]

Sec. 7 [Division and distribution of assets of fire districts overlapping town lines.]

Sec. 8 [Resolution as to organization of departments.]

Article IV Police Retirement Plan

Sec. 1 [Repeal of former act.]

Sec. 2 Definitions.

Sec. 3 Eligibility.

Sec. 4 Contributions.

Sec. 5 Retirement dates.

Sec. 6 Amount of retirement pension.

Sec. 7 Conditions for receiving benefits.

Sec. 8 Death benefits under the plan.

Sec. 9 Termination of service before retirement.

Sec. 10 Administration of plan.

Sec. 11 Medium of funding.

Sec. 12 Amendment or termination.

Sec. 13 Nonduplication of benefits.

Sec. 14 Nonassignment of interest.

Sec. 15 Miscellaneous provisions.

Article V Collection and Disposal of Sewage

Sec. 1 [General authority of town; definitions.]

Sec. 2 [Sewer authority generally.]

Sec. 3 [Construction, operation and maintenance of sewage works—Plans; public hearing; estimates.]

Sec. 4 [Same—Purchasing; employees; recordkeeping.]

Sec. 5 [Bond issues generally.]

Sec. 6 [Bond anticipation notes.]

Sec. 7 [Obligatory effect and validity of bonds and notes.]

Sec. 8 [Application of proceeds from sale of bonds or notes.]

Sec. 9 [Sewer assessments and annual charges—Generally.]

Sec. 10 [Same—Disposition of receipts.]

Sec. 11 [Same—Recovery of proportionate share from joint tenant or tenant in common.]

Sec. 12 [Same—Appeals generally; assessment of corner lots.]

Sec. 13 [Same—Exemption of church and cemetery property from assessment.]

Sec. 14 [Acquisition of land for purposes of act.]

Sec. 15 [Contracts with state and other cities and towns.]

Sec. 16 [Rules and regulations of sewer authority.]

Sec. 17 [Mandatory sewer connections; filling or destroying cesspools, privies, etc.]

Sec. 18 [Sewer plats.]

Sec. 19 [Sewer board of review.]

Sec. 20 [Acceptance of federal funds for construction of sewage works.]

Sec. 21 [Severability.]

Sec. 22 [Act does not affect power to incur indebtedness under other laws.]

Article VI Kent County Water District and Authority

Sec. 1 [Created, composition and organization of authority; appointment, terms, compensation, etc., of authority members.]

Sec. 2 Definitions.

Sec. 3 Powers of the authority.

Sec. 4 Bonds of the authority.

Sec. 5 [Tax exemption for authority, annual payments in lieu of taxes; authority has no tax power.]

Sec. 6 [Limitation on right of state to alter or limit authority's rights.]

Sec. 7 [Deposit, payment and investment of authority's funds.]

Sec. 8 [Authority's bonds as legal investment and security.]

Sec. 9 [Amendment or repeal of act.]

Sec. 10 [Omitted]

Sec. 11 [Omitted]

Sec. 12 [Chapter 1569 of Public Laws of 1945 repealed.]