Town of Coventry, RI
Kent County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1]PREAMBLE: We, the people of the Town of Coventry, in order to secure the right of self government in all local matters, pursuant to the provisions of the constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and of all other powers, do hereby adopt and establish this Charter for the Town of Coventry.
Editor's Note: Printed herein is the Home Rule Charter of the Town of Coventry, Rhode Island, adopted by the Town at an election held on November 7, 1972; effective January 1, 1973. Amendments to the original charter are indicated by bracketed history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the provision derives unchanged from the original Charter. A uniform system of punctuation and capitalization has been used. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation and material in brackets [ ] has been added for clarity. The punctuation, grammar and spelling were reviewed and changes were made throughout the Charter with the revisions adopted by the Town on November 2, 2010. The Special Act validating the Charter (P.L. 1973, Ch. 4) is set out in Part II, Art. 1 of this volume.
Article I Basic Provisions

Section 1.01 Incorporation.

Section 1.02 Form of Government.

Section 1.03 Powers of the Town.

Section 1.04 Acquisition, management and disposition of property.

Section 1.05 Trust funds.

Section 1.06 Intergovernmental relations.

Section 1.07 Construction.

Article II Elections

Section 2.01 Election laws.

Section 2.02 Qualifications of elected officials.

Section 2.03 Elections; recall.

Section 2.04 Special elections.

Section 2.05 Board of Canvassers and Registration.

Section 2.06 Moderators and Clerks.

Section 2.07 Non-partisan Elections.

Section 2.08 Ballot order.

Section 2.09 Primary Election; Town Council, School Committee.

Article III Town Council

Section 3.01 Number; term; constituency.

Section 3.02 Commencement of term.

Section 3.03 Qualifications.

Section 3.04 Forfeiture of office.

Section 3.05 Vacancy.

Section 3.06 Filling vacancy.

Section 3.07 Judge of election and qualification of members.

Section 3.08 Presiding officer.

Section 3.09 Declare state of emergency.

Section 3.10 Compensation.

Section 3.11 Quorum.

Section 3.12 Regular meetings.

Section 3.13 Special meetings.

Section 3.14 Powers and duties.

Section 3.15 Procedure.

Section 3.16 Ordinances.

Section 3.17 Annual audit.

Article IV School Committee

Section 4.01 Membership.

Section 4.02 Election.

Section 4.03 Filling vacancy.

Section 4.04 Qualifications.

Section 4.05 Chairman and clerk.

Section 4.06 Meetings.

Section 4.07 Powers and duties.

Section 4.08 Cooperation with other departments.

Section 4.09 Annual report.

Section 4.10 Forfeiture of office.

Article V Town Manager

Section 5.01 Appointment, qualifications, compensation.

Section 5.02 Prohibition against other employment.

Section 5.03 Acting Town Manager.

Section 5.04 Powers and duties of the Town Manager.

Section 5.05 Assume duties of other town offices.

Section 5.06 Removal.

Article VI Probate Court

Section 6.01 Judge.

Section 6.02 Appointment and term.

Section 6.03 Qualifications.

Section 6.04 Absence or disability.

Section 6.05 Clerk.

Section 6.06 Fees.

Article VII Town Solicitor

Section 7.01 Appointment and term.

Section 7.02 Qualifications.

Section 7.03 Duties.

Section 7.04 Written opinions and opinions expressed during Town Council meetings.

Article VIII Financial Provisions

Section 8.01 Fiscal year.

Section 8.02 Due date of taxes.

Section 8.10 General budget.

Section 8.11 Submission of capital improvement budget.

Section 8.12 Review.

Section 8.13 Recommendations forwarded.

Section 8.14 Submission of the operating budget to Town Council.

Section 8.15 Operating budget format.

Section 8.16 Capital improvement budget and operating budget, notice of hearings.

Section 8.17 Item Veto by Town Manager.

Section 8.18 Adoption of operating and capital improvements budgets.

Section 8.19 Amendments after adoption.

Section 8.20 Lapse of appropriations.

Section 8.21 Work programs and allotment.

Section 8.22 Payments and obligations prohibited.

Section 8.30 Levy and assessment of taxes.

Section 8.40 Requisition for purchases.

Section 8.50 Borrowing; tax anticipation notes.

Section 8.51 Revenue anticipation notes.

Section 8.52 Sale of notes.

Section 8.53 Bonds.

Section 8.54 Capital project bonds.

Section 8.55 Bond referendum.

Section 8.56 Pledge of credit.

Section 8.57 Bond anticipation notes.

Section 8.58 Unexpended bond proceeds.

Section 8.59 Other provisions.

Article IX Department of Records and Personnel

Section 9.01 Director.

Section 9.02 Duties.

Section 9.10 Town Clerk.

Section 9.11 Duties.

Section 9.12 Fees.

Section 9.13 Bond.

Article X Department of Finance

Section 10.01 Director.

Section 10.02 Qualifications.

Section 10.03 Functions.

Section 10.04 Departmental offices.

Section 10.10 Town treasurer.

Section 10.11 Qualifications.

Section 10.12 Bond.

Section 10.13 Powers.

Section 10.14 Duties.

Section 10.15 Waterman: Fiske: Cemetery funds.

Section 10.20 Purchasing agent.

Section 10.21 Powers and duties.

Section 10.22 Prohibition against independent purchases.

Section 10.23 Competitive bidding.

Section 10.30 Tax assessor.

Section 10.31 Qualifications.

Section 10.32 Powers and duties.

Section 10.40 Board of assessment review.

Section 10.41 Appointment and term.

Section 10.42 Qualifications.

Section 10.43 Organization.

Section 10.44 Duties.

Section 10.45 Correction of assessment.

Section 10.46 Court review.

Section 10.50 Tax collector.

Section 10.51 Powers and duties.

Section 10.52 Bond.

Article XI Department of Public Works

Section 11.01 Director.

Section 11.02 Qualifications.

Section 11.03 Organization.

Section 11.04 Functions.

Section 11.05 Cooperation with other departments.

Section 11.06 Appointments.

Article XII Department of Safety and Welfare

Section 12.01 Director.

Section 12.02 Functions.

Section 12.03 Jurisdiction.

Section 12.10 Police.

Section 12.11 Powers.

Section 12.12 Appointments.

Section 12.13 Organization.

Section 12.14 Special policemen.

Section 12.15 Chief.

Section 12.16 Duties.

Section 12.17 Other.

Section 12.20 Emergency Management.

Section 12.30 Office of the Department of Human Services.

Section 12.31 Qualifications.

Section 12.32 Functions.

Section 12.33 Cooperation with other departments.

Section 12.34 Friends of Human Services.

Section 12.35 Appointment and term.

Section 12.36 Qualifications.

Section 12.37 Other duties.

Article XIII Department of Planning and Development

Section 13.01 Director.

Section 13.02 Qualifications.

Section 13.03 Duties.

Section 13.10 Planning Commission.

Section 13.11 Appointment and term.

Section 13.12 Qualifications.

Section 13.13 Powers and duties.

Section 13.20 Zoning Board of Review.

Section 13.21 Appointment and tenure.

Section 13.22 Vacancy.

Section 13.23 Qualifications.

Section 13.24 Hearings.

Section 13.25 Powers.

Section 13.26 Court review.

Section 13.27 Other.

Section 13.30 Park and Recreation Commission.

Section 13.40 Economic Development Commission.

Section 13.50 Code Review Committee.

Section 13.51 Appointment and tenure.

Section 13.52 Powers and duties.

Section 13.53 Recommendations to Town Council.

Section 13.60 Conservation commission.

Article XIV Other Offices and Commissions

Section 14.01 Town sergeant.

Section 14.10 Auctioneers.

Section 14.20 Citizens advisory committee.

Article XV General Provisions

Section 15.01 Definitions.

Section 15.02 Residence of employees.

Section 15.03 Term of office.

Section 15.04 Open meetings.

Section 15.05 Public records.

Section 15.06 Membership.

Section 15.07 Fees.

Section 15.08 Compensation of Officers and Employees.

Section 15.09 Disclosure of Financial Interest.

Section 15.10 Prohibitions.

Section 15.11 Noninterference by Town Council.

Section 15.12 Separability.

Section 15.20 Amendment of Charter.

Section 15.21 Integrity of town employees.

Article XVI Succession in Government

Section 16.01 Repeal of ordinances, etc.

Section 16.02 Continuation of ordinances, etc.

Section 16.03 Continuation of existing offices, etc.

Section 16.04 Continuation of certain officers.

Section 16.05 Continuation of licenses.

Section 16.06 Unpaid taxes.

Section 16.07 Existing contracts.

Section 16.08 Pending actions.

Section 16.09 Transfer of records, equipment, etc.

Article XVII Transition

Section 17.01 Effective date.

Section 17.02 Duties of Town Council.

Section 17.03 Transfer of appropriations.

Article XVIII Municipal Court

Section 18.01 Municipal Court established.

Section 18.02 Applicability of Charter provisions.

Section 18.03 Judge.

Section 18.04 Clerk.

Section 18.05 Compensation of judge, clerk, and personnel.

Section 18.06 Acting Judge.

Section 18.07 Seal.

Section 18.08 Time and place of sessions.

Section 18.09 Costs Taxed by the Court.

Section 18.10 Jurisdiction.

Section 18.11 Power to administer oaths.

Section 18.12 Complaints, warrants, writs generally.

Section 18.13 Powers regarding witnesses, writs of habeas corpus, recognizance and arrest warrants.

Section 18.14 Powers regarding sentencing, fines.

Section 18.15 Judicial conduct.

Section 18.16 Discipline of judge upon indictment or conviction for a crime.