City of Northfield, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 12-18-1984 by Ord. No. 18-1984 (Ch. 35, Art. II, of the 1974 Code)]
Upon application to the governing body, accompanied by recommendation of the Chief of Police, where it is found, in the opinion of the governing body, based upon a review of the recommendation by the Chief of Police and based upon review of the record of the individual officer, that a member or officer of the Police Department has become injured, ill or disabled from any cause and has been certified to be injured, ill or disabled by an examining physician appointed by the governing body; and where it is further found that the individual member or officer has exhausted sick pay, vacation and holiday benefits available; and where it is found that such member or officer has completed 15 years or more of service as a member or officer of the police force of the City of Northfield; in such event, upon a majority vote of the governing body of the municipality, the individual officer or member may be granted a leave of absence with pay not to exceed 60 days.
In the event that payment is made pursuant to a resolution duly adopted by the governing body of the municipality in compliance with § 61-14 of this article and in the event that the officer or member of the police force shall receive benefits or compensation from any other source compensating the member or officer for the period of the leave of absence, or any portion thereof, the amount collected, not to exceed the amount paid during the leave of absence, shall be repaid to the Treasury of the City of Northfield by the member, officer or his personal representative.
Compensation from a collateral source is intended to include but is not limited to benefits paid pursuant to any insurance plan; any disability or disability retirement plan; any compensation or benefit plan; any statutory plan of compensation; or any other source whatsoever and regardless of the date when paid so long as the benefit payment is made to the officer or member as whole or partial compensation for the period of the leave of absence not in excess of 60 days.
Upon agreement to make the payments specified in § 61-14 of this article, the member or officer shall execute an appropriate agreement with the municipality providing for repayment upon receipt of collateral benefits pursuant to § 61-15 of this article.