Town of Stratford, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Stratford 5-10-1993[1]; amended in its entirety 5-12-1997 by Ord. No. 97-05. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Harbor — See Ch. 114.
Parks and beaches — See Ch. 152.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 203.
Water — See Ch. 209.
Waterfront and harbor management — See Ch. 210.
Wetlands and watercourses — See Ch. 217.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also superseded former Ch. 60, Boat-Launching Facilities, adopted by the Stratford Waterfront Authority 4-10-1961, as amended.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
To mount upon a trailer any vessel coming immediately from the water.
To place a vessel in the water.
Any vessel propelled by means other than an internal-combustion engine.
Town-owned land near a launching area and so designated by the Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission.
Used generically to include every description of watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water. In interpreting or referring to this chapter, the common name of any specific class of vessel may be substituted, when and where applicable.
A carrier designed to be attached to a motor vehicle to transport a boat upon the highway.
[Amended 7-8-2019 by Ord. No. 19-14]
Launching vessels from vessel trailers at public waterfront areas other than the ramps off Birdseye Street, the ramps adjacent to Bond's Dock and the ramps off Broad Street is prohibited. Launching vessels from vessel trailers at said excepted public waterfront areas is permitted, provided that the vessel trailer has a launching permit evidenced by a sticker affixed to the winch stand of its frame. Vessels exempted from the numbering and registration requirements set forth in Section 15-143 of Connecticut General Statutes are similarly exempt from the permit and sticker requirements of this § 60-2. Permits shall be issued annually by the Superintendent of Recreation for a fee to be fixed by the Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission and approved by the Town Council. All permit and sticker fees shall be deposited to the Commission's Harbor Fund. Fees shall discriminate between residents, nonresidents, resident commercial and nonresident commercial. Day permits shall be issued for a fee similarly fixed and approved. With each annual permit, the Superintendent of Recreation shall issue the aforesaid sticker, which sticker shall bear the marker number of the trailer for which it is issued. A day permit shall be evidenced by a receipt. No vessel except those specifically exempt as aforesaid shall be launched or hauled at any public launching area without a permit. Permits shall be valid from the first day of April of the year issued until the 31st day of March in the following year.
Parking of vessel trailers in public areas or on public streets shall be in strict accord with parking regulations and controls of the Town of Stratford. Any vessel trailer found in violation of such regulations and controls shall be subject to cancellation of its launching permit. Vessel trailers are not permitted at Long Beach, Point No Point or Peck's Mill Pond. Vessel trailers are permitted to remain in the parking areas at Short Beach but are prohibited from entering the beaches for any purpose whatsoever.
No owner shall use or allow to be used his permit to launch or haul a vessel other than his own; provided, however, that commercial vessel storage yards may obtain one permit to launch or haul vessels which they store or haul on behalf of owners thereof.
No person shall swim, dive or fish in the waters off launching ramps at Birdseye Street, Bond's Dock or Broad Street or from the catwalk or float at the Birdseye Street launching ramp. Fishing is permitted from the structure of Bond's Dock and from the fishing pier at Birdseye Street.
No person shall tie a vessel to any dock or float appurtenant to a structure partly or entirely within a launching area except to let passengers on or off or to load and unload supplies and equipment.
The owner of a vessel or vessel trailer is presumed to be using and controlling the same until such time, in the event of a violation, as he shall identify the person whom he authorized so to do.
The Harbor Master, the Deputy Harbor Master or any police officer is authorized to enforce this chapter. Any person convicted of a willful violation hereof shall be fined $100 for each offense.
The launching of vessels exempt from the numbering and registration requirements set forth in Section 15-143 of Connecticut General Statutes may be launched upon the waters of the Housatonic River, Long Island Sound or Lewis Gut from areas established by the Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission; however, vessel trailers are prohibited in such launching areas except to transfer vessels to beach wheels or dollies for transport to the water's edge. All parking regulations set forth in § 60-3 of this chapter shall apply to such launching areas.