Warren County, VA
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Warren County as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 155.
[Adopted 10-16-1989]
This article provides road-naming rules that enable dispatchers and drivers of ambulances and fire trucks to accurately and quickly find residences; the Post Office to sort and deliver mail more efficiently; businesses to locate addresses; and addresses to fit standard computerized address spacing.
These rules apply to roads in Warren County outside the boundaries of the Town of Front Royal, except that those road names previously assigned to state roads are exempt. House numbering for mailing addresses is currently developed and maintained by the United States Postal Service.
Road names are limited to three words, plus a type-of-road suffix. The total number of characters and spaces, including the suffix abbreviation, shall not exceed 20 characters.
The road name shall not include numbers, dashes, apostrophes or other nonalphabetical characters. Commemorative names such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are reserved for use on primary state highways.
Continuous roads or roads in alignment with existing roads shall retain the same name. A road that intersects with another road shall normally require a new name if the road makes more than a sixty-degree angle at the intersection. Disconnections more than 60 feet offset will require a new name on the disconnected section.
Editor's Note: Former Subsection D, pertaining to directional prefixes, was repealed 11-17-1998.
Road names must not be identical or similar to other road names in the county, including the Town of Front Royal. When there are two or more duplicate or similar road names, only the one with the greatest number of residences will remain, and the others are to be changed. Different suffixes, such as Avenue, Circle, Court, Drive, etc., do not make two otherwise similar road names different. Only the suffix "Court" is permitted for two road names otherwise similar if the Court is a dead-end appendage of the other road. Road names must also be relatively easy to pronounce, spell and locate in a road name index by dispatchers.
Definitions of required suffixes with their road sign abbreviations:
Avenue (AV)
Any road not defined by another suffix
Boulevard (BLVD)
Any road divided by an island
Circle (CR)
A road that circles back upon itself
Court (CT)
Any single cul-de-sac or dead-end road
Drive (DR)
Any road not defined by another suffix
Highway (HVW)
Primary state road
Lane (LN)
Any road not defined by another suffix
Loop (LOOP)
A road that loops back upon itself
Pike (PIKE)
Primary state road
Place (PL)
A cul-de-sac from which another road originates
Plaza (PLAZA)
A commercial multiple-building parking lot access
Road (RD)
Any right-of-way serving 3 or more residences
Square (SO)
Townhouse or apartment parking lot access road
Street (ST)
Any road not defined by another suffix
Turnpike (TPK)
Primary state road
Way (WAY)
Any road that connects 2 separate roads
Developers of new roads shall submit their request for road names in accordance with the Warren County Subdivision Ordinance.[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 155, Subdivision of Land.
Road names submitted to the County Administrator or Board of Supervisors for approval prior to September 18, 1989, that comply with the rules of this chapter will be approved by the Board of Supervisors concurrent with adoption of this chapter. Any rejected road names will be referred back to the requester for compliance with the rules. If a written resubmittal with an acceptable road name is not received within 60 days. the County Administrator will select a name for submission to the Board of Supervisors for approval.
Platted private road names or other right-of-way access roads serving three or more residences will be reviewed by the County Administrator's office on a systematic geographic basis for compliance with this chapter. Those road names in noncompliance with the road-naming rules will be referred for 60 days to any applicable subdivision association for substitute name nomination to the County Administrator. Complying road names are submitted by the County Administrator to the Board of Supervisors for approval. A public hearing is not required but may be scheduled by the Board at its option. A list of roads approved and/or in use within the county and town is available for review or purchase by the public at the County Administrator's office.
The County Administrator will send notices of approved road names to emergency dispatchers, the Town of Front Royal Planning Office, any applicable subdivision association and the Postmaster for implementation of the name for mail addressing where applicable. The changes will also be made periodically to any future county-prepared road map.
Signs for new roads completed after the adoption of this chapter are to be purchased and installed by the developer with signs meeting the specifications of the county. A road sign must be installed before issuance of any occupancy permit for any structure on the road.
Signs for road names requested for approval prior to September 18, 1989, and approved by the Board in accordance with road-naming rules of this chapter will be purchased and installed by the county as workload and the county budget permits.
A road sign shall consist of two or more crossed signs identifying each of the intersecting roads.
The plates shall be aluminum, 0.08 to 0.10 inch thick and six inches high by 24 or 30 or 36 inches long as necessary, with three-fourths-inch radius corners. Reflective white letters will be mounted on a green background. The name shall be on both sides of the sign in four-inch block uppercase letters and the suffix abbreviations in two-inch block uppercase letters. The pole caps and crossover brackets are to be of cast aluminum with zinc-plated set screws adjustable by an allen wrench. The ten-foot post shall be galvanized steel pipe of three-inch outside diameter, buried two feet deep. The post may be installed by a post driver and/or supported by soil cement or concrete.